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The intelligence to detect and prevent fraud

Financial regulations - KYC, AML, and PSD2/Open Banking - demand high-assurance identity verification. Your customers demand flexible, digital service on their schedule. Our ID proofing solution provides both by supporting 6,000 government-issued identification documents from 196+ countries, as well as presenter verification and liveness test options.

Here's how it works

There are no servers to manage or software to deploy. You simply use our cloud-based service to establish your policies and monitor activity on your networks.

Step One

A user visits your website or mobile app from any device.

Step Two

Device fingerprint and data attributes are collected via JavaScript or Mobile SDK.

Step Three

An Authentication or Fraud request is sent to our device intelligence platform for analysis.

Step Four

A customized real-time response is returned regarding the device and the transaction within milliseconds.

Step Five

Based on you predetermined policies, our solution either approves or denies access — or issues a step-up challenge for additional proof of identity.

Device Reputation Features

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Device ID and Registration

Affirm user identity by matching device fingerprints with a high degree of accuracy.

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Device Change Tolerance

Minimizes false negative responses and establishes acceptable risk with built-in intelligence on typical device changes.

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Reveal Hidden Connections

Initiate step-up authentication challenges when bad device activity patterns or actors are recognized.

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Evasion Detection

Proxy piercing detects fraudulent servers using advanced techniques to unmask anonymizing activity.

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Global Device Intelligence Platform

Real-time device feedback from thousands of risk analysts flag suspicious accounts and devices.

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"PII-less" Precision

Recognition technology instantly identifies without a user's personally identifiable information.

Identity Portfolio


Identity as a Service

Cloud-based IAM solution with multi-factor authentication (MFA), passwordless access, and SSO.

Identity Enterprise

Identity Enterprise multi-factor authentication establishes and maintains trusted identity for all users, providing strong digital security for your enterprise.

Identity Essentials

Use Identity Essentials to keep your systems and data safe with multi-factor authentication and more.

Our identity portfolio capabilities:


Streamline the onboarding of diverse users and devices with a wide range of technologies.


Ensure both strong security and exceptional user experiences with these best-in-class technologies.

Transact and Manage

Continuously protect against advanced threats with technology from behavior analytics to fraud detection.

The identity portfolio suited to your authentication needs

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