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Trusted Identities for Healthcare Infographic

Address key security challenges and risks with trusted identities for healthcare.

Why Choose Us

Key Benefits and Capabilities

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Data Security

Our comprehensive solutions protect sensitive data through encryption, authentication, and digital certificates. Our products enable compliance and security across the healthcare industry.

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Secure Hybrid Workforces

We support the healthcare industry in managing and securing a workforce that operates both remotely and on-premises, safeguarding critical assets and sensitive information.

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End-to-End Encryption

Our data security approach ensures information remains confidential throughout its entire journey.

Changing Healthcare Solutions

Workforce flexibility and digital transformation

Healthcare has undergone significant change, requiring efficient and effective onboarding and offboarding of full-time, temporary, and volunteer personnel to meet service demands. Digital transformation is reshaping how healthcare professionals engage with patients and deliver services. Many are working remotely or in temporary field hospitals using new digital tools, while others are focused on telemedicine.

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Protect Patient Data

Secure access to patient records

Ensuring secure and seamless access to patient records, care systems, medical device data, and research is vital in healthcare. As patient records go digital, encryption and tokenization are necessary to ensure safety of data and defend against security risks. Digital document signing establishes the document owner, helping to ensure record integrity and authenticity and to prevent document fraud and forgery. When medical information needs to be shared with healthcare partners, any personally identifiable information (PII) should be tokenized to protect patient privacy.

Meet Compliance Mandates

Protect data and ensure compliance

Compliance with healthcare regulations requires a comprehensive approach involving security, administrative, and technical measures. Adherence to regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, and eIDAS is necessary to protect patient data, reduce risks, and demonstrate compliance. These regulations protect personal data while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of electronic protected health information (ePHI) that involves secure data collection and storage, legal and technical compatibility, and expert guidance to ensure your ePHI is continuously secure and compliant.

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Healthcare Security Solutions

Secure your healthcare infrastructure

Healthcare security depends on safeguarding patients, users, devices, apps, data, and connections.

Entrust offers digital certificates that enable encryption, digital signing, and authentication. Entrust nShield® HSMs play a critical role by safeguarding cryptographic keys, mitigating risks associated with holding patient data, while strengthening security and compliance.