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The Numbers

Entrust issues over 4.7 billion financial and government credentials annually.

Entrust has issued 10B+ identity credentials, protected 100M identities, and issued 20B payment cards over the past five decades.

Entrust encrypts and secures more than 24 million SWIFT messages daily.

Why Choose Us

Key Benefits and Capabilities

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Growth and Productivity

Our solutions enhance security, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance in the financial services industry. Our products empower financial institutions in the digital world, increasing operational efficiencies and building trust.

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Compliance Management

We partner with financial institutions to help navigate the complex regulatory environment with ease. Our products help ensure data security, and maintain trust and transparency with clients.

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Reduced Attack Surface

Our robust security solutions help minimize vulnerabilities, reducing potential entry points for cyberattacks. Entrust technologies keep financial institutions’ sensitive data and transactions safe.

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Security and Compliance

Protect consumer data, fight fraud, and stay compliant

Robust security measures are essential to ensure the security, trust, and compliance of the financial services industry. 

Keeping your customers’ banking data safe with encryption or tokenization ensures only authorized users can access confidential information. Strengthening your security infrastructure with identity proofing, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), 3DS compliance, document sealing, and transaction signing and verification ensures protection of transactions and data. 

By complying with regulations governing data privacy, open banking, and Know Your Customer (KYC), you help foster trust and security in financial services.

Infrastructure and Cards

Secure your infrastructure and scale your card issuance

New apps and digital devices are driving the financial landscape, making the security of the industry even more critical. Protecting its integrity is a multi-faceted approach involving device reputation, run-time application self-protection (RASP), and code signing. 

Issue your cards securely and at scale with controlled access, data encryption, and seamless integration to maximize operational efficiencies. TLS/SSL certificates for signing, encryption, and authentication help secure card issuance, while hardware security modules (HSMs) and robust key management ensure certificate integrity.

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Consumers and Workforce

Improve consumer experience and enable your workforce

Enhance the consumer journey with hassle-free onboarding, allowing self-service identity verification anytime and anywhere, while meeting instant access expectations with real-time issuance of digital and physical cards. Device reputation and intelligent biometrics further enhance the protection of sensitive data and transactions.

Protect workforce identities with keys and certificates, and enable the security of email, file encryption, and non-repudiable digital signatures to help establish a secure environment. Single Sign-on (SSO) helps mitigate frustration and password risks.

Transactions and Technology

Secure financial transactions and adopt emerging technology

Safeguarding financial services and transactions is critical in today’s digital world. To achieve this, digital transformation must be embraced. 

From secure consumer onboarding and authentication to instant card issuance and digitized transactions and payments, each step is designed to ensure the authenticity of financial services and transactions. 

By adopting emerging banking technologies, such as establishing a strong root of trust for digital currencies, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies, financial institutions will achieve top spot for innovation and security.

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White Paper

Passwordless / Touchless Solution Selection Guide

Choose a solution that improves security by shifting from the vulnerability of a centralized credential repository.