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Attract customers. Drive new revenue. Cut costs.

Financial institutions spend more than $100 billion on digital technologies each year with the goal of attracting new customers. Billions more will be spent on re-engineering branches, launching EMV products, safeguarding against breaches, optimizing card programs, and building authentication platforms. Will the investments you make deliver the results you want? We work with banks every day to ensure they choose the right technologies and deploy them in ways that increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and drive new revenue.

Instant card issuance

Be your customer's hero — with instantly issued, fully activated cards. Customers want more time to spend with the people who matter most. You have the power to give them that, with instant card issuance from Entrust.

Central card issuance

Whether you’re expanding an existing operation, moving your program in-house, or launching your first high-volume operation we configure highly efficient solutions to meet your requirements.

Consumer banking

You need a digital banking strategy that engages today’s connected consumers. And it’s not just millennials. Everyone expects great mobile, online and in-person experiences. But will the technologies you choose make customers happy and keep their data safe? We have an answer that will protect your investment and provide a foundation for growth: issue one identity for all of your customers' banking needs.

Transaction verification

Balancing consumer expectations for fast, friendly online and mobile transactions with the need to protect customers from fraud can be a difficult task. With Entrust Datacard’s flexible, cost-effective authentication solutions, you can offer digital banking and drive brand loyalty, while preventing fraud and staying compliant with regulations.


PSD2 and open banking create fierce new competition. Fintechs, social media companies and telcos want to leverage your customer data when (by law) it becomes available. The good news: 67% of consumers prefer sticking with banks over third parties for managing money. This is a great opportunity for your bank. We have the trusted identity tools you need to be successful.

Issuance HSM

The nShield Issuance Hardware Security Module (HSM) is FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified hardware that delivers cryptographic services for Entrust’s secure issuance software. This tamper-resistant HSM performs vital functions for financial and identification issuance, including EMV data preparation, key generation, and data protection.


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