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Sigma DS4 ES1
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4 Card Printer with Light Curing Module

The Sigma DS4 Instant Issuance System with Light Curing Module works securely with both on-prem and cloud solutions to instantly issue secure, flat financial cards to banks, credit unions, and retailers – now with Durable Graphics Technology.
Sigma DS4 Printer image
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4 Card Printer

The Sigma DS4 works securely with both on-prem and cloud solutions to instantly issues secure, flat financial cards to banks, credit unions, and retailers.
Sigma DS4 ES1 with Embossing Module
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4-ES1 with Embossing Module

Issue secure, flat or embossed financial cards with a complete instant issuance solution that's made to impress and designed for today’s cloud environments.
Sigma DS4 Printer image
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4K Self-Service Printer

The Sigma DS4K Instant Financial Card Issuance system lets your cardholders instantly issue their own secure, flat, or embossed financial cards, with self-service, interactive teller machine (ITM), or kiosk-based cardholder interactions.
CD820 EMV Card Printer
Issuance Systems

CD820 EMV Card Printer

CD820 credit card printing system instantly issues flat financial cards securely and on demand with versatile direct-to-card printing and encoding options.
CE870 Product Image
Issuance Systems

CE870 EMV Card Printer

CE870 embosser and direct-to-card printer offers instantly-issued bank cards with magnetic stripe encoding, and integrates with self-service kiosk applications.
Artista CR825 Card Printer
Issuance Systems

Artista CR825 Card Printer

CR825 high-definition desktop retransfer printer offers instantly-issued financial cards with edge to edge printing and magnetic stripe encoding.
Ingenico IPP320 Encoder product image
Issuance Systems

Ingenico IPP320 Pin Pad Entry Device

The Ingenico iPP320 PIN Pad entry device is ideal for PIN entry PIN change, and re-encoding PIN on an EMV chip in the financial instant issuance process.
Issuance Systems

Adaptive Issuance EMV Data Prep and Perso

Adaptive Issuance EMV Data Prep and Perso software allows for seamless migration from magnetic stripe to EMV, and includes profile manager and runtime software. Learn more!
Issuance Systems

Issuance Device Management

Adaptive Issuance Remote Monitoring and Management software is a web dashboard for an in-branch issuance program to monitor error codes and maintenance updates. Learn more!
Issuance Systems

Instant Financial Issuance

Give your customers fully activated Visa® and MasterCard® credit and debit cards instantly to increase activation rates and reduce costs.
Issuance Systems

Adaptive Issuance Key Manager

Adaptive Issuance Key Manager software securely manages keys during issuance - specifically focused on data security, data preparation, and document issuance. Learn more!
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nShield HSMi

Certified hardware designed to deliver scalable cryptographic services for issuance software

Customize your Solution

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Choose your Solution

Deploy a cloud solution or keep things on-premises.

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Choose your Card Type

Instantly issue credit, debit, and/or other types of cards.

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Choose your Look and Feel

Delight cardholders with embossed or flat cards and designs from professional to personal.

See Remarkable Results

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100% Activation

100% of cards get activated versus 50% activation by other delivery methods.

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Greater Initial Use

Cards get used up to 32% more in the first 30 days than those delivered by other methods.

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More Transactions

Transactions grow by up to 10% over the first 30 days.

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Enable trusted payments at the speed of life

Cardholders want more time to spend with the people who matter most. You have the power to give them that with instant card issuance from Entrust.

Entrust Digital Card Solution

Our digital-first payment and banking experience allows banks to instantly provision digital payment credentials directly from your bank or credit union’s mobile application to cardholder’s mobile wallet.

digital card
person holding visa financial card

Elevate your cardholder experience

Entrust Instant Financial Card Issuance solutions are now Visa Ready certified, which means you can confidently offer your cardholders a smart, secure, convenient in-branch issuance experience.

We enable comprehensive instant issuance portfolios

Physical. Digital. Cloud. On-prem. Self-service. Create a card portfolio that delights cardholders and supports your brand's vision with the most robust range of card types, design, and deployment on the market. We help you through every step, making decisions to support your goals.

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person scanning a financial card at an atm

Entrust Sigma Self-Service

Entrust solutions enable your cardholders to instantly issue their own payment card, from the convenience of a self-service kiosk.

We’re bringing instant card issuance to new heights

Entrust offers the only single-source solution that promises the industry-leading services and expert guidance that allow you to elevate your cardholder's experience.

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stack of financial cards

As a service or on-premises – the choice is yours

Our solution is the only cloud offering backed by a Tier III datacenter and 99.98% uptime.

Securing the Future of Instant Issuance

Explore trends across finance, government, and education sectors.

Instant Financial Card Issuance Case Studies

uzcard logo

UZCARD Provides a World-Class Card Service Through Instant Financial Issuance Solution

Entrust and UZCARD partnered to deploy over 800 units of the Entrust CE840™ Instant Issuance System.

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bancoestado logo

BancoEstado Accelerates Digital Transformation with Cloud-based MFA & Card Issuance

With Identity as a Service (IDaaS), BancoEstado also has access to a much more robust feature set including mobile soft tokens embedded within the bank’s app, adaptive risk-based authentication, and FIDO tokens for passwordless access.

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banco del pacifico logo

Banco del Pacífico Grows Market Share with Self-Service Instant Issuance

Instant issuance has provided Banco del Pacífico an opportunity to meet customer expectations while continuing to use modern technology to differentiate itself from other financial institutions.

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first midwest bank logo

First Midwest Improves Cardholder Experience and Decreases Costs

Once they learned that cardholders don’t want to wait to receive their activated debit card, First Midwest sought instant issuance for new and replacement cards.

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security first bank logo

Community Bank Delivers Personal Cards On-Site

Security First Bank sought an instant issuance solution that could expedite card delivery to its rural cardholders.

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nic asia logo

NIC Asia Bank Issues 2,000+ Cards Per Day

NIC ASIA bank was rapidly expanding, yet its third-party debit card production partner took up to a month to issue new debit cards.

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ibc bank logo

IBC Bank Increases Satisfaction with Instant Issuance Debit Cards

IBC Bank's “We Do More” philosophy inspires implementation of an instant EMV debit card solution across all its branches.

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navy federal credit union logo

Navy Federal Enhances Debit Card Usage and Increases Satisfaction

Navy Federal Credit Union wanted to enhance convenience for its members and drive service levels with a scalable in-branch instant issuance solution.

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Superior Supplies and Services

Get consistent printing, brilliant image quality, and high security. All with technical support expertise to meet your unique program needs.