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Why Entrust?

Key Benefits & Capabilities

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Seamless user experience

Simplify authentication, authorization, and security policy decisions across any on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment.

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Total control

Our security solution provides cryptographic key, certificate, secrets management, policy and compliance management, so you don’t have to give up control when you migrate to different cloud providers.

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Discovery, assessment, and monitoring

Discover and identify virtual machines and containerized workloads. Monitor and assess compliance and risks, while providing granular automated alert and remediation capability.

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No vendor lock-in

Our cloud security solution can bridge gaps between different identity systems to seamlessly enable, monitor, manage, and secure identity services from diverse cloud providers.

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Lifecycle protection

From start to finish, our extensive digital signing and key management capabilities ensure sensitive data and applications are protected throughout their entire lifecycles.


Strong root of trust

Entrust hardware security modules (HSMs) are FIPS-certified. That means you can trust them for all your essential codesigning and validation use cases with complete and total confidence.

Secure Access Made Simple

Identity and Access Management

Discover the power of cloud-based identity and access management with multi-factor authentication, credential-based passwordless access, and single sign-on — all-in-one security solution. 

With Entrust Identity, you can protect multiple cloud environments from evolving security threats with a cloud platform that scales quickly to accommodate your changing needs.

Our Impact

of the Global Fortune 100 companies use Entrust hardware security modules (HSMs).

countries depend on Entrust Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

workforce and consumer identities are protected by Entrust daily.

Secure Your Cloud Environment

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

With Entrust PKI, you can establish and maintain a trustworthy cloud environment by providing key and certificate management services that enable encryption and digital signature capabilities across a wide set of applications. 

Choose to deploy Entrust PKI on-premises or allow us to manage it as your cloud service provider. Either way, you gain the assurance of an enterprise-grade cloud security solution safeguarding your assets.

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Entrust Certificate Hub

Simplify Certificate Management

Certificate Hub provides complete certificate lifecycle management, enabling organizations to find, control, and automate certificates in one powerful cloud platform. 

Our security solution simplifies oversight by centralizing management across your entire cloud infrastructure. This helps you issue, renew, and revoke cryptographic assets with speed and efficiency, thwarting security risks and protecting sensitive data in the process. Whether hosted on-premises or in a public or private cloud, no matter the cloud provider, we offer a single enforcement point for your whole organization.

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Future-Proof Your Security Policy

Strengthen Multi-Cloud Security with Entrust

We provide multi-cloud security solutions that work when and where you need them. No matter the cloud provider, customers trust us to deliver a superior user experience.