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NIST delivers the draft standards for Post-Quantum Cryptography


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Digital Certificate Linting September 2023 by Bruce Morton

My recollection of certificate linting goes back to 2016. Linting started happening to most public trust TLS certificates after three items came together. So, what is linting? I am not a software developer, so the term was foreign to me,…

Modernized Financial Cards for the Next Generation of Payments September 2023 by Nak Koh

Financial cards have been a cornerstone of our monetary transactions for decades, providing us with convenience and security. Yet as technology advances at an unprecedented pace, financial cards are undergoing a significant transformation to meet the demands and preferences of…

International Identity Day 2023: Fostering Identity for Good in an Interconnected World September 2023 by Jenn Markey & Elliot Johnson &

As we commemorate International Identity Day in 2023, we reflect on the evolving landscape of digital identity and its profound impact on our lives. Last year, we discussed the need for inclusive identity solutions in "International Identity Day: The Need…

How to strengthen cloud security with Zero Trust September 2023

If you’re familiar with the Zero Trust framework, its principles may seem simple enough in the context of network security. Nobody — not even your most senior leaders — can be granted user access without first being checked at the…


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