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Identity Fraud Does Not Discriminate


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The Role of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Today’s Digital Landscape July 2024 by Abubakar Asif

As we progress through digital transformation, the landscape has also evolved to prioritize online interactions across all industries, from banking and healthcare to retail. This shift, accelerated by the pandemic and technological advancements like adoption of generative AI, has led…

Strengthening Digital Identities: The Combined Power of Microsoft Entra ID and Entrust IDaaS July 2024 by Abubakar Asif

The threat landscape is evolving rapidly, with identity-related breaches being the most common type of cyberattack. According to Deloitte, 91% of all cyberattacks begin with a phishing email to an unsuspecting victim, and 32% of all successful breaches involve phishing…

Restoring Trust: An Update on Our Progress July 2024 by Todd Wilkinson

Last week, I shared my thoughts on how we intend to move forward following Google’s decision to no longer include Entrust public root CA certificates issued after October 31, 2024, in the Chrome Root Program. We are committed to restoring…

Thoughts on the Google Chrome Announcement and Our Commitment to the Public TLS Certificate Business July 2024 by Todd Wilkinson

Last week Google announced that they would no longer include Entrust root CA certificates in the Chrome Root Program. This means that the TLS certificates we issue after October 31, 2024, will no longer be trusted within the Chrome Root…


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