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The time to prepare for CMMC is now – what we learned from Coalfire

July 2021 by Samantha Mabey

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), which affects organizations in the US Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain, establishes a minimum threshold of cyber maturity that all organizations must achieve. There’s a lot to CMMC, and understanding the framework –…

Navigating your way in the cloud

July 2021 by Iain Beveridge

Imagine sailing the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It’s a voyage that could be perilous, with no guarantees of smooth weather and steady winds. So you do everything you can to prepare – gaining the experience of others, adding…

A roadmap for secure digital healthcare

July 2021 by Jenn Markey

Healthcare has been undergoing a steady evolution for decades, but for many this was greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the level of progress varies across countries and regions, there are several common factors and trends we can see…

SSL Review: June 2021

July 2021 by Bruce Morton

The Entrust monthly SSL review covers TLS/SSL discussions – recaps news, trends, and opinions from the industry. CA/Browser Forum Ballot SC47V2: Sunset subject: organizational unit name ALPACA Attack ALPACA: an application layer protocol content confusion attack Naked Security: ALPACA –…


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