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SSL Review: January 2024 February 2024 by Bruce Morton

The Entrust monthly digital certificates review covers a range of topics including news, trends, and opinions. Entrust Public Trust Certificates: A 2023 Recap and Projections for 2024 Cryptography & Security Newsletter (Formerly Bulletproof TLS Newsletter) #109 CA/Browser Forum Adopts CAA…

Seller Impersonation Fraud: A Crisis of Identity in High-Value Real Estate Transactions February 2024 by Chris Tammen

Back in March of 1950, the FBI added Willie “The Actor” Sutton to their list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. During his tenure as an American bank robber, Sutton stole an estimated $2 million ($25 million in today's dollars) and…

Reshaping Trust and Security for the Realities of 2024 February 2024 by Jenn Markey

The new year is always a time for reflection, and after a year shaped by AI, biometrics, and nation-state attacks there’s a lot to think about. So where are we headed from here? A utopian episode of Star Trek or…

Why it’s important to secure your Identity Provider (IdP) with high assurance identity February 2024 by Rohan Ramesh

While breaches targeting identity as the initial attack vector are on the rise, with increasing success and significant financial and reputational damage inflicted, IdPs are quickly becoming the attack vector of choice. Attackers maximize the payload by infiltrating the most…


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