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NSA Announces Update to Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite 2.0 and Quantum Computing FAQ May 2024 by Iain Beveridge

In September 2022, Entrust published the article, NSA Announces New Post-Quantum Resistant Algorithm Suite 2.0 and Transition Timetable. At that time the National Security Agency was one of the first to put a firm line in the sand, publishing an…

The Dark Side of GenAI: Safeguarding Against Digital Fraud May 2024 by Tony Ball

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the capacity to create new opportunities, disrupt how we work, and change how we think about AI regulation. Some predict it will be as disruptive, if not more so, than the widespread adoption of the…

SSL Review: March 2024 May 2024 by Bruce Morton

The Entrust monthly digital certificates review covers a range of topics, including news, trends, and opinions. This month, read about our key considerations on the path to 90-day certificate validity, important updates related to post-quantum TLS, and more. Entrust The…

Why Zero Trust is a Must for Strong Corporate Governance April 2024 by Jenn Markey

Gone are the days of delegating technology and cybersecurity concerns to be solved solely by the IT department. With artificial intelligence (AI), post-quantum (PQ), and an intensifying threat landscape, senior leadership teams and boards must make the right investments and…


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