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Tim Moses

NIST Reconsiders Support for Suspect Algorithm

April 24, 2014 by Tim Moses Leave a Comment

The reputation of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) took a massive hit last year when it was suggested in revelations made by Edward Snowden that one of its standard procedures for generating random bit sequences had been subverted by the Nation Security Agency (NSA). If the suggestions were correct, then the [Read More...]

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Cybersecurity and Pareto Optimality? (Part 2)

April 24, 2014 by Matthew Lewis Leave a Comment
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Cybersecurity and Pareto Optimality

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Cybersecurity and Pareto OptimalityIn my previous post, I discussed cybersecurity, primarily from the defensive point of view, and provided a simplistic explanation of Pareto Optimality.   Defense isn’t the only side at play. However, we tend to think in terms of defense, which leans toward [Read More...]

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Jason Soroko

‘Silver Bullets’ versus Defense in Depth

April 23, 2014 by Jason Soroko Leave a Comment

I am privileged to speak with a lot of organizations that are architecting their security infrastructure.  Some of them have purchased a security point solution and honestly believe that they are now “secure.”   If you spend time walking through the vendor halls at security conferences you will get a good sense for the sheer [Read More...]

Entrust President Talks the Evolution of Identity with IT Harvest

April 22, 2014 by Entrust, Inc. Leave a Comment

What’s next for Entrust? Entrust president David Wagner sat down with IT Harvest’s Richard Stiennon at RSA Conference 2014 to discuss Entrust’s past, present and future role in security technology, and the state of the industry as a whole. Datacard Group Acquisition of Entrust After being acquired by Datacard Group in December 2013, integration of [Read More...]

Man Behind Second University of Maryland Data Breach Claims Positive Motive

April 21, 2014 by Entrust, Inc. Leave a Comment

A man said he carried out a breach on the University of Maryland to expose a bigger problem. 

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It’s a Tough Road For Businesses That Don’t Protect Their Identities

April 16, 2014 by Entrust, Inc. Leave a Comment

From the Target breach last year to the crop of new data attacks that have arisen in 2014, there are no shortage of threats to enterprise security on the web.

Jason Soroko

Reactive Cybersecurity Strategy Is Not A Strategy

April 16, 2014 by Jason Soroko Leave a Comment

It’s encouraging that many organizations have become aware of security of their networks and computer resources. This awareness is sometimes triggered by breach or fraud headlines in tech journalism, which leads to concern and curiosity. It is immediately apparent when I’m speaking with a company that has suffered from an attack because their questions are [Read More...]

Entrust OpenSSL Disclosure

April 14, 2014 by Entrust, Inc. Leave a Comment

With news of the Heartbleed bug, we have been receiving questions as to how this impacts the certification authority (CA) service at Entrust. In summary, Entrust SSL customers do not need to be concerned about the management of their certificates or their certificate management accounts. The CA private keys are protected on a NIST FIPS [Read More...]

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How Device Certificates Secure our Mobile Identities

April 14, 2014 by Entrust, Inc. Leave a Comment

A quick look at our world today reveals that the need for mobile security has never been greater. After all, the number of activated mobile devices has actually surpassed the population of our planet. For the people who use them — which is just about everybody — such devices permeate every aspect of life. These [Read More...]

IT Departments, Governments Fear Security Issues

April 11, 2014 by Entrust, Inc. Leave a Comment

Malware is a problem across the board, but identity protection measures can help fight it.