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Preventing Hyperjacking in a virtual environment


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Do your player cards have enough swagger to give your casino guests a lasting impression? February 2023 by Renee Henry

The global pandemic had a negative affect on many businesses around the globe. While some are still struggling to make a comeback, one thing is clear – with the rise of sports and online gambling means the commercial casino industry…

Automating security for Linux servers and applications February 2023 by Lavanya Suvarna

Innovation, speed, and scale are the fundamental building blocks for success in tech today. Automation solutions help businesses implement these core principles and enable them to fulfill rapidly evolving customer needs across different ecosystems. In a Linux ecosystem, bash scripts…

Using load balancers to automate security and mitigate the network impact February 2023 by Lavanya Suvarna

Modern businesses need to adopt a culture of agile collaboration to deliver results and exceed market expectations. DevOps enables organizations to innovate at speed, collaborate efficiently, and deliver results faster. While helping organizations build better, DevOps often sidesteps implementing security…

Looking to Elevate Operational Efficiency and Brand Impact for Your Bank? Here’s How Flat Cards Can Help January 2023 by Nak Koh

Have you received a new payment card either in the mail or from a branch recently? You may have noticed that many financial institutions are transitioning away from using embossing machines for personalization, and toward flat card technology. Is now…


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