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Smart Authentication

A Single Unified IAM Portfolio

Explore the Entrust IDaaS platform, recently named a Challenger in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Access Management, and experience the benefits of an industry-leading identity and access management solution.

Entrust IDaaS Platform

Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

All of your users. Endless possibilities in the cloud. Our intelligent IAM platform lets you implement a Zero Trust approach, providing user authentication, authorization, and access control to the right resources anytime anywhere.

Secure across the enterprise

With Entrust Identity, all of our customers, alliance and channel partners gain access to our complete authentication portfolio protecting the identities of workers, consumers, and citizens to ensure secure access and communications.

More features and accelerated roadmap

By integrating our authentication portfolio, customers and channel partners have access to a breadth of authenticators, use cases, and deployment options that is unparalleled in the market today.

Mobile first platform

We are unifying our single purpose mobile apps into one modern app for the Entrust Identity portfolio that serves both iOS and Android devices. This also applies to our mobile Software Developer Kit which is used by many customers. As well, as customers augment and evolve their authentication solution, including moving from on-premises to the cloud, there is no longer the need to change out the mobile app.


One unified identity portfolio means organizations can get started with what they need today and grow how and when they need, without having to swap out one product for another. Entrust Identity supports an unprecedented number of IAM use cases for workforce, consumer, and citizen user communities ranging in size from 50 to more than 10 million.

Benefits of a Comprehensive IAM Suite

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Deployment Flexibility & Broad Capabilities

Effortlessly integrates with leading innovative solutions for unparalleled flexibility, enhancing ROI and optimizing workflows with versatile cloud or on-prem options.

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Zero Trust Framework

Rapidly deploys secure, intuitive user experiences within a comprehensive Zero Trust framework, significantly enhancing operational efficiency by optimizing IT asset use.

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Simplified & Secure Usability

Seamlessly merges cost efficiency with robust security, speeding up widespread adoption of passwordless and other advanced security technologies.

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Robust Security with SSO and MFA

Delivers trustworthy, reliable security with advanced MFA and SSO capabilities, ensuring seamless operations while effectively preventing security breaches.

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Enhanced User Experience

Provides secure, effortless, and intuitive access through flexible deployment options, incorporating MFA and adaptive authentication to improve consumer engagement.

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Comprehensive IAM Coverage

Offers an extensive suite of IAM solutions, including advanced MFA and passwordless authentication, catering to a broad and diverse range of security and access needs.

Securing Your Largest Attack Vectors: Identity

Learn more about common identity-based cyberattacks and how to protect your organization against them.

The identity portfolio suited to your authentication needs

Explore Our Identity Portfolio Capabilities

Entrust’s Identity portfolio helps you streamline onboarding, ensure strong security and exceptional user experiences, and continuously protect your systems against advanced threats.


Entrust Named a Challenger for Access Management

Gartner has named Entrust a Challenger in the 2023 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for Access Management, recognizing our ability to execute and completeness of vision.

2023 gartner magic quadrant for access management

Platform Integrations

Our authentication portfolio offers pre-built integrations with a majority of leading on-premises and cloud applications. We also integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to leverage existing directories — such as AD or LDAP — to build a central repository for user identities.

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Entrust Identity Use Cases

Mitigate Data Breaches

Entrust’s Identity platform gives you the modern approach you need – adaptive authentication. Humans who manage usernames and passwords will inevitably make mistakes. Credentials will always be vulnerable. The solution is to move past passwords. Use Entrust’s capabilities and expertise to protect your data.

Improve User Experience

Moving to the cloud requires a more secure solution that also provides a better user experience. Regardless of your deployment – on-premises, cloud, or hybrid – Entrust offers the capabilities needed to support a great end-user experience while maintaining the highest levels of security.

High assurance identity security and simple, frictionless end-user experience come together on our platform using the following capabilities:

Streamline IT Workload

Our cloud-based platform offers pre-built connectors and workflow-driven configurations that streamline management IT tasks. Automatically route application requests, create accounts, and revoke or renew access from a single point of control. Out-of-the-box directory tools for Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP repositories also reduce manual IT effort or opt to deploy as a managed service offering with one of our MSP partners.

Authentication Solutions

Your authentication solution provider should offer you as many authentication options as possible. A wide range of authenticators ensures seamless support to different user groups and security needs throughout the extended enterprise – all from a single point of administration.

You want choice for your authentication methods in order to find the right fit for each type of asset you're protecting and each type of user you're enabling.

Transaction Verification

Entrust's authentication solutions let you offer digital banking and drive brand loyalty while preventing fraud and staying compliant with regulations. Our easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) allows you to transparently embed strong authentication into your customer-facing mobile applications. Mobile-embedded authentication is more cost-effective than hardware tokens and provides security for consumers who use your mobile apps and online channels.

We offer a full range of authentication capabilities that will empower your users to access services and verify transactions, knowing their assets and information are completely secure. Our methods include: