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Entrust verified signing solution brief

Entrust Verified Signing Solutions Solution Brief

Solution Set

E-signature cloud services: Entrust verified signing solutions

Entrust helps you raise the level of assurance of your transactions and agreements by deploying seamless, secure, and trusted electronic signature workflows into your existing environments. Through every step of the signing process, our solutions focus on three core areas: 

  • Identification 
  • Security 
  • Integration 

Standard signature workflows can be set up within minutes and personalized to suit your needs. Each of our components can be individually integrated into your existing environments or bundled into a full-stack signing process.

Solution Set

Adobe- and eIDAS-trusted certificates

Our digital signing certificates help enable high assurance signatures and company seals to establish trusted identities and ensure authenticity for digital documents. 

We offer a range of Adobe-trusted or eIDAS-qualified digital signing certificates to be stored in secure USB tokens, in HSMs, or in our cloud via Entrust Digital Signing as a Service. The certificates can generate digital signatures with major document processing software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office. They can be combined with our public timestamping service to help ensure non-repudiation of signatures and documents.

Entrust Document Signing Certificates data sheet cover

Entrust Document Signing Certificates Data Sheet

Antel: Digital Identity and Signing Infrastructure case study cover

Antel: Digital Identity and Signing Infrastructure Case Study

Solution Set

On-premises digital signing solutions

Our suite of products for the deployment of certificate-based digital signature services helps you: 

  • Boost the digital transformation of public and private services 
  • Improve the digital experience of citizens 
  • Fight identity fraud 
  • Align with the EU eIDAS Regulation 

Entrust’s technology and expertise in digital signatures was acquired through large-scale projects for enterprises, governments, and trust service providers. We can help you deploy digital signature services and adapt your processes to local regulations.

A trusted expert and partner

Entrust is a long-standing expert in certificate-based digital signing solutions, PKI infrastructures, identity verification solutions, and identity management solutions. This unique combination of expertise and in-house products makes us a leading provider of custom solutions for identified signing. We go through stringent audits and certifications to ensure our services are trusted across organizations, software, and operating systems globally. Our accreditations show our dedication to providing the best solutions and support. We are:


Cloud Signature Consortium logo

A member of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC)

Adobe Approved Trust List Member logo

A member of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)

Web Trust BR Code Signing logo

A publicly trusted certification authority (CA)

EU Trusted Lists logo

A qualified trust service provider in the EU Trusted Lists (EUTL)

Key Benefits

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Technology That Adds Value

Digital signatures combine strong identity verification, authenticated signing processes, and document integrity mechanisms to provide the highest levels of admissibility.

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Keep Ownership And Control Of Your Content

Trusted digital signatures and seals on documents provide real guarantees of ownership and integrity, as well as non-repudiation when combined with timestamping.

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Alignment With Global Standards

We provide solutions based on globally recognized standards including CSC remote signing, PKCS #11, and aligned with ETSI and CEN standards to guarantee a very high level of trust and broad interoperability.

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Trusted Experts At Your Side

We are leading experts in PKI, HSMs, user authentication, and digital signatures. Trust us to deliver a best-in-class, tailored solution that will scale as your needs evolve.

The Numbers

years of digital signing expertise.

years since Entrust launched the world’s first commercially available PKI.

workforce and consumer identities protected by Entrust.