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The Quantum Threat

As IBM Quantum systems scale up toward the stated goal of 4,000+ qubits by 2025 and beyond, they will go beyond the current capabilities of existing physical electronics.

Scientists in China announced their 56-qubit quantum computer took 1.2 hours to complete a task that would take the world’s most powerful supercomputer 8 years to finish.

According to more than a quarter of experts surveyed by the Global Risk Institute, there's a 50% or more chance that quantum computing will compromise cybersecurity by 2033.

Why Entrust?

Key Benefits & Capabilities

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Cryptographic Health Check

Lean on an Entrust expert to recommend best practices and discovery tools to assess your cryptographic inventory for PQ preparedness.

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PKI Health Check

Our PKI Health Check gives you guidance and tools to assess and address the health and risks of your public key infrastructure strategy so you can know if you have the right technology and policies in place.

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Future-Proof Cybersecurity

We align our “PQ-ready” solutions with National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines to protect your organization and its sensitive data today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

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Enterprise Confidence

Confidently present to the CEO, board, and other stakeholders a company-wide strategy and roadmap to your post quantum cryptography migration.

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Strengthen Crypto-Agility

Protect your most sensitive data from "harvest now, decrypt later" attacks by implementing pure PQC today, or taking a hybrid approach to your security with a cryptographic system of PQ-ready encryption algorithms.

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Enhance Decision-Making

Gain visibility into your cryptographic assets so you can prioritize the transition as optimally as possible.

Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Self-Assessment

This assessment actively focuses on a review of an organization’s current readiness for new and emerging crypto threats by identifying areas within the business that either do not exist or hamper crypto-agility.

How to Prepare Now

Knowing what cryptographic assets and algorithms you have, and where they reside, is a best practice anyway and essential for preparing for post-quantum cryptography.

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Know where your long-life data – sensitive data that must remain confidential for 10+ years – resides and understand the data flows.

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Cryptographic Assets

Ensure you have a full and clear inventory of all the cryptographic assets (keys, certificates, secrets, and algorithms) across your environments and what they're securing.


Once you know where your highest value data resides, and what cryptography is in use to secure it, you'll know what’s at risk and where to start. Ensure your organization has a fully crypto agile approach - the ability to easily transition from one algorithm to another - which will be critical for the migration to post-quantum cryptography.


NIST has announced the round 3 finalist algorithms for their Post-Quantum Competition, and Entrust PKI as a Service (PKIaaS) for PQ supports all 3. Available as a trial, it provides customers with composite and pure quantum certificate authority hierarchies and gives organizations the ability to test multi-certificates or composite certificates with their applications. You can also start prototyping with nShield hardware security modules or nShield as a Service and CodeSafe, our secure software development kit.


Entrust has a leading role in creating the post-quantum cryptography standards. Trust our Cryptographic Center of Excellence to help you inventory your cryptographic assets, assess your crypto-agility maturity, and plan your migration to post-quantum cryptography with the same company helping to define it.

Cryptographic Center of Excellence

Plan With Entrust Experts

Entrust is at the forefront of quantum-safe research and development, as we are a participating member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) PQC Migration Project. Leveraging that knowledge and experience, our Cryptographic Center of Excellence (CryptoCoE) provides the tools and guidance needed to inventory and prioritize your data and cryptographic assets. 

Get expert assessments, tools, and actionable recommendations for ensuring crypto-agility and migrating your systems in time to mitigate the quantum threat.

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