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Our physical + digital approach

Our solutions allow you to issue PKI-enabled mobile smart credentials that can be used for both physical and digital access. These smart credentials turn smartphones into mobile authentication devices that use Bluetooth technology to provide secure access to doors or workstations based on proximity of authorized users.

Smarter way to secure doors

Our authentication solutions can be easily integrated with physical access controls, so employees can use mobile devices to enter secure physical spaces. For example, users could present a physical card or key for access and verify their identity and access privileges through step-up authentication on a mobile device. You can apply stronger security to areas with higher value assets.

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Beyond doors and entryways

Our integrated access control solution for digital and physical assets is not limited to door access. We can help you configure solutions that provide security for cabinets, machinery, vaults, labs, parking structures, document storage areas and various types of equipment.

Simplified access for frontline workers

Hourly or frontline employees typically have a daily need for physical access and limited digital requirements. We can configure a solution that spans both physical and digital. For example, we can show you how to print grid cards on the back of photo IDs to create a joint solution. Use IDs for physical access and grid cards for logging onto employee portals.

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Identity Enterprise

Identity Enterprise multi-factor authentication establishes and maintains trusted identity for all users, providing strong digital security for your enterprise.

Identity Essentials

Use Identity Essentials to keep your systems and data safe with multi-factor authentication and more.

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