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An onboarding experience built for today’s consumer

Offering customers anywhere-anytime onboarding increases engagement with your institution and fosters trust in your brand – while reducing abandonment rates and fraud.

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The Numbers

of survey respondents said the speed of account opening was important or very important when evaluating a financial institution.
of survey respondents said that when given the option between biometrics and a password, they will choose biometrics more than half the time.
of customers are comfortable with artificial intelligence (AI) helping their bank detect fraud.
Biometric Identity Verification
Utilizes advanced biometric identity verification technology, eliminating the need for traditional onboarding methods.
Document Proofing
Employs sophisticated algorithms to authenticate identification documents, automating the verification process.
eKYC & Device Reputation
Performs comprehensive electronic Know Your Customer checks to assess the authenticity and integrity of the customer’s digital identity.
Digital & Physical Card Issuance
Enables the issuance of both digital and physical payment cards minutes after account creation and approval.
Supports Regulatory Compliance
Fulfills all necessary eKYC and compliance requirements. Generates detailed audit logs and reports.
Accelerate Onboarding
Integrating ID verification into your mobile experiences enables features (like form autofill) that accelerate the application process.
Increase Customer Growth
Digital onboarding isn’t just customer-preferred; it’s cost-efficient at a fraction of what it costs to onboard a customer at a brick-and-mortar location.
Secure Verification
Digital onboarding authenticates the customer’s ID with cloud-based AI, encrypting and storing the digital ID on the customer’s mobile device.

Enhance Your Customer’s Day-One Experience

Support your digital transformation journey by understanding the need for secure, seamless account creation. Read our ebook to learn the importance of implementing a frictionless user experience that caters to diverse customer preferences while providing top-value security.
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