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Identities that Empower Citizens

Entrust offers an unmatched breadth of digital, secure credential issuance and remote identity verification solutions. Our focus on interoperable digital travel credentials, best-of-breed technology partnerships and successful large scale implementations is why we are the best long-term choice to meet your present and future needs for seamless and secure identity verification

We aim to ensure interoperability, choice, and flexibility for all customers, without operational disruption.

Create Secure, Touchless, and Seamless Experiences

Focus on security while at the same time expedite high volumes of mainly lower risk users. By streamlining low-risk users and continually assessing risks, you can ensure efficient process flow.

Leverage the Convenience of Mobile Apps

Provide users with a familiar, mobile interface that presents them with straightforward directions, information on their privacy and rights, and multi-lingual support.

Offered as a Service

Because it is delivered from the cloud, implementation is simple and requires no significant infrastructural or staff requirements, and it can be accessed from anywhere. It is also scalable with hosting options available.

Identity Verification Benefits

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Using the highest level of assurance for remote identity and document verification means you can rely on the process and mitigate the risk of identity theft.

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Ensure compliance with international standards and regulations, including GDPR, Privacy by Design, and more.

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Entrust offers a breadth of digital security, credential issuance, and identity verification solutions to meet your requirements and use cases.

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Benefits by Role

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C-Suite (CISO)

Use the highest level of assurance, trusted by large government bodies, for remote identity and document verification to mitigate the risk of bad actors. 

Focus your limited resources on persons-of-interest.

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Operations and IT

Offered as a service with scalable hosting options available. Minimal infrastructural changes and easy system integration.

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Citizen Services

Empower travelers and citizens with strong, vetted remote identity and document verification. 

Enable back-office processing to facilitate border, immigration, or e-service delivery processes.

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Use a familiar, privacy-protecting mobile interface that presents them with straightforward directions. 

Get remotely verified anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

Case Study

Entrust Seamless Travel and Eurostar

Eurostar, a major international rail operator, is revolutionizing travel with Entrust identity verification solutions. 

Learn how seamless travel will make it easier and more secure for travelers by creating a touchless biometric lane that replaces the need to present an ID or ticket.

Border Management After the Pandemic

Gone are the days when travelers had to be seen in person. Now, digital identity verification is ushering in a new era of government ID document authentication.

Key Features

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Remote Identity Verification and Authentication of ID Documents

Remotely verify that the user is who they say they are, based on an ICAO-compliant eMRTD and a trusted ISO-quality biometric.

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Advanced Facial Recognition with Auto-Detection

Provides high accuracy of facial recognition technology that can auto-detect if eyeglasses are on, if eyes are closed or obscured, and if there is insufficient light or a non-uniform background and instruct the user to take another selfie.

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Support for Multiple Electronic IDs (EIDs)

Get support for any ICAO-compliant eID including ePassports and UK biometric residence permits.

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One-to-One Photo Matching

Remotely verified users and documents are authenticated via one-to-one matching of the “selfie” (current photo) to the facial image (quality image direct from the document issuer) extracted from the chip on a central server.

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Built-In Monitoring and Reporting Tools for Performance and Usage

Centralized real-time reporting and security-by-design architecture help ensure security and manage risk.

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Easy Integration

Integrates easily within existing or planned digital enrollment processes.

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User-Friendly Mobile Interface

Give users the simplicity and familiarity of a mobile app that provides clear directions and is easy to integrate into your own app.

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