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Reimagine how government services are delivered.

We enable digital transformation of governments and enhance citizen engagement with our identity and security technology.
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Protect citizen privacy

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Issue secure digital and physical citizen credentials

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Improve government service delivery

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Realize seamless secure borders

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Modernize immigration programs

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Secure complex border ecosystems

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Enable a secure productive workforce

Take a holistic approach

Our secure technology solutions enable enrollment, issuance, and lifecycle management for national IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, and other physical and digital credentials that are highly resistant to fraud, forgery, and alteration. Our comprehensive portfolio also includes remote identity verification, workflows, software and hardware systems, supplies, and professional services.

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Ensure Citizen Privacy and Data Integrity

Ensuring citizen data is safe, meets privacy regulations, and is readily available when needed requires a broad range of identity solutions and organizational policies. Protect the integrity and authenticity of citizen data, while also making it accessible to authorized users with Entrust.