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Take a holistic approach

Our secure technology solutions enable enrollment, issuance and lifecycle management for national IDs, passports, driver’s licenses and other physical and mobile credentials that are highly resistant to fraud, forgery and alteration. Our comprehensive portfolio also includes workflows, software and hardware systems, supplies and professional services.

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Key elements of our government solutions

Protecting citizens and safeguarding borders is a priority for every country. A key factor is trusted identity. Our tools and technologies allow you to issue, manage and authenticate secure credentials for citizens and travelers. Currently, more than 35 countries use Entrust digital and physical technologies to issue secure passports and travel documents.

e-Government solutions

Entrust offers a portfolio of solutions to help streamline the delivery and management of a wide range of e-government programs — licensing, voting, taxation, healthcare, entitlements and more. Government agencies are able to reduce operating costs by automating manual processes while mitigating duplication and fraud.

Border control

Entrust offers complete solutions for issuing and managing highly secure passports, e-passports, and other travel documents with advanced security features that protect from alteration, forgery, and fraud. In addition to document issuance, our technologies enable border agents and field officers to quickly identify and process authorized travelers while automatically detecting potential threats who might be using stolen, forged, or altered travel documents.

Credential lifecycle management

Our software automates many of the manual processes currently required to re-issue and update secure credentials — e-passports, national IDs, driver’s licenses and other forms of identification. It also enables key capabilities such as data encryption, key management and certificate management that make the processes highly secure.

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Explore a more secure approach to credential issuance

Determining the right level of security on a credential project is a critical responsibility. Explore the world of security features with the Entrust Credential Builder, our easy, no-risk virtual tool. It lets you place different security features on cards and passports in a digital environment, giving you the knowledge necessary to determine what you need for your next citizen credential.




We provide a complete government solution