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Zero Trust

Data Security and Encryption

Zero Trust requires that all sensitive data be rendered unreadable through encryption while in storage, use, and transit and that it is only accessible to explicitly authenticated users or entities.


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Key and Secrets Lifecycle Management

Managing the complete lifecycle of keys and secrets is critical for comprehensive security. Keys and secrets underpin the security of cryptographic processes. 

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Compliance and Risk Management

Documenting how keys and secrets are used not only mitigates risks but also facilitates compliance.

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Hardware Root of Trust

With FIPS Level 3 hardware security modules (HSMs), available on premises or as a service, the Entrust Secure Data Solution enables organizations to implement and enforce best practices.

Key Features

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Generate, deliver, and distribute cryptographic keys to a range of supported applications through multiple standard interfaces including KMIP. Provide access control to keys and enable automated capabilities including key rotation and key expiration.

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Foundational element of the data protection pillar of the Zero Trust framework enables FIPS-certified high assurance secure cryptographic key generation and lifecycle management with dual-controls and separation of duties.

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Distributed key storage ensures that keys and data are kept within the geographical areas where they are supposed to be maintained to facilitate compliance with geo-fencing and data sovereignly regulations.

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Unified visibility across cryptographic assets regardless of the number of vaults deployed across the distributed environment.

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Enables the documentation of keys and secrets based on templates for continuous compliance assessment using built-in or custom policies.

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Secure Data Solution Brief

The Entrust centralized-decentralized security (CeDeSec) approach enables organizations to maintain full control of their data, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of and controlled access to critical assets while facilitating compliance with security regulations.