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SSO is vital to any enterprise IAM strategy, as it increases workforce productivity by having one set of user credentials to securely access all systems and applications. With our SSO offering, your users can access all applications with a single strong credential instead of managing credentials for each unique cloud, on-prem, and legacy application. 

Benefits of Single Sign-On

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Single Identity Customizability

One identity to access on-prem and cloud applications. Tailored experiences for every user.

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Improved End-User Experience

Improved UX with transparent security and broad enablement. Switching between all applications, cloud or on-prem is seamless and easy.

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Reduced Administrative Cost

Fewer IT help desk calls means a more efficient team, and increased capacity for more critical issues.

Why enterprises need SSO

Digital transformation initiatives and our current work-from-home culture have accelerated the development of all applications that address different business challenges. According to a recent study, the average enterprise uses 210 distinct collaboration and cloud services, and the average employee uses 36 cloud services at work. Entrust IAM SSO solution helps ensure secure access to all of those applications and services.

Entrust Identity SSO Distinguishing Features

Productivity and experience are among the most important reasons for selecting security solutions with SSO. Choose Entrust Identity SSO to secure your modern digital workplace.

Multi-Factor Authentication

SSO provides easy access to everything, and MFA adds security by strengthening the auth process.

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Hybrid IT and SSO

Enterprises with considerable legacy software need security solutions that are scalable, reduce complexity, and provide SSO for all cloud and non-cloud applications.

Flexible SSO

One solution for all of your needs, our SSO is platform agnostic, works in all browsers, on cloud, on premises, and virtual machines 

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SSO and Passwordless for Greater Security

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