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Strong authentication anywhere anytime

Our trusted identity solutions reduce unnecessary friction caused by overly complicated, outdated user authentication methods. Entrust mobile authentication provides a secure, transparent user experience with flexible deployment options to meet your specific security and user needs.

Authentication Tools Features

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Mobile Push Authentication

Simply swipe or touch a button to approve transactions, access mobile banking, or sign-on to enterprise applications and more with a single identity.

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Mobile Smart Credentials

Embed a trusted identity onto a mobile device to create a smart credential that streamlines provisioning and provides seamless access to critical applications.

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Device Reputation

Check the integrity of your users’ devices before you issue them mobile smart credentials.

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Easy-to-Use SDKs

Transparently embed strong identities into existing applications — strong security and great UX.

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Self-Service Module

Empower users to self-manage key processes, including device enrollment, certificate acquisition and provisioning.

Identity Portfolio

Our identity portfolio capabilities:

The identity portfolio suited to your authentication needs


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