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Meet customer and compliance requirements

Financial regulations - KYC, AML, and PSD2/Open Banking - demand high-assurance identity verification. Your customers demand flexible, digital service on their schedule. Our ID proofing provides both by supporting 6,000 government-issued identification documents from 196+ countries, as well as presenter verification and liveness test options.

Secure, frictionless onboarding

Smart, simple ID proofing

Accelerate Onboarding

Integrating ID verification into your mobile experiences enables features (like form autofill) that accelerate the application process.

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Increase Customer Growth Digitally

Digital onboarding isn't just customer-preferred, it's cost-efficient at a fraction of what it costs to onboard a customer at a brick and mortar location.

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Secure Verification Without a Paper Trail

Digital onboarding authenticates the customer's ID with cloud-based AI, encrypting and storing the digital ID on the customer's mobile device - nowhere else.

ID Proofing Features

Our ID proofing capability automatically supports 6,000 government-issued documents from 196+ countries, including passports, visas and driver's licenses. Integrations with Interpol and other watch-list organizations, plus advanced technologies, such as facial match verification, make it ideal for high-assurance use cases.

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Secure Mobile Verification

Customers can use their mobile phone to perform secure self-service identity verification.

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Integrated Authentication

ID proofing integrates with our complete portfolio of cloud-based identity access management solutions.

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Mobile SDK

Our mobile SDK makes it easy to integrate our identity proofing solution into your existing mobile websites and apps.

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Liveness Test Option

A liveness test is available, offering multi-layered security for higher risk transactions and customer profiles.

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Device Reputation

Our service establishes trust with the device first, then the user, ensuring valid credentials aren't compromised.

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Adaptive Authentication

Our adaptive authentication solution provides behind-the-scenes security so it's transparent to your end-users.

Identity Portfolio

Our identity portfolio capabilities:

The identity portfolio suited to your authentication needs


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