A comprehensive security strategy

Most breaches that create sensational headlines center on stolen consumer data — but employee errors and internal fraud are just as damaging. We build our fraud detection solutions around three key steps: detect, defend and evolve. All three are critical, because simply knowing if you've been breached isn't enough — and simply reacting to intrusions after the fact isn't a winning strategy either.

Keys to identifying fraud patterns

Our authentication solutions are built to help you automatically detect fraud. Because they're built on intelligent, adaptive technologies, our platform grows smarter and more capable over time — which helps defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

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Device Anomaly Detection

Identifies time zone mismatches, IP address changes or exceeded velocity thresholds.

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Evasion Detection

Flags the use of proxy servers or emulators that are employed by fraudsters to anonymize their activity.

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Source Detection

Check for activity emanating from high-risk locations, IPs and ISPs: recognizes high-risk situations that violate established business policy.

Strong security and exceptional UX

We offer a full range of authentication capabilities that will empower your users to access services and verify transactions, knowing their assets and information are completely secure. Our methods include:

Secure, frictionless onboarding

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