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Fight consumer fraud with Entrust Identity

Global identity fraud losses topped $56 billion in 2020 with financial institutions, businesses, and consumers all feeling the pain. Mitigating the risk of fraud not only helps contain these costs but is also essential to building and maintaining consumer trust.

Mitigate fraud risk

Our authentication solutions are built to help you automatically detect and prevent fraud. Through adaptive technologies, our platform grows smarter and more capable over time – which helps defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

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Reduce Fraud Risk

Device reputation checks, digital identity proofing, behavioral biometrics, and user behavior analytics proactively detect fraudulent patterns for quick remediation.

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Prevent Fraud

Automatically stop active threats, such as malware and phishing, with pre-determined responses including user notification, step-up authentication, session termination, and account lockout.

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Curtail Fraud Costs

Minimize false alerts, fraudulent claims, and actual fraud losses with early detection and automated resolutions.

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Protect Consumers

Continuously and invisibly verify consumer identities with adaptive risk-based authentication. Stop would-be cybercrooks from taking over accounts and/or creating fraudulent new ones.

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Secure Mobile Apps

Employ runtime application self-protection (RASP) security to protect the integrity of mobile apps with real-time threat monitoring.

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Secure Transactions

One-click transaction signing with verification and non-repudiation for secure digital payments. Safeguard ecommerce sales with 3DS compliance for card-not-present (CNP) transactions.

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Protect Your Brand and Reputation

Build and maintain consumer trust by proactively keeping consumer identities, data, and transactions secure.

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