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Power of choice for IT and users

With Entrust, IT professionals can support a breadth of identity credentials and provide credentials that are tailored to user requirements and preferences. Make users happy by issuing credentials that utilize their mobile device, including mobile push authentications, one-time passwords (OTPs) or smart credentials secured by PKI. We also provide grid card and SMS/email OTPs for maximum cost efficiency.

How our self-service model works

Step One

Upon setup, our self-service solution automatically sends users enrollment notifications.

Step Two

Users download our mobile smart credential app from a public or private app store.

Step Three

Users activate their digital identities by scanning QR codes, using email activation links, manually enrolling with activation codes or leveraging an existing identity, such as a Derived-PIV smart card or an EMV bank card, to bootstrap the credential issuance process.

Step Four

Almost instantly, users can access websites, VPNs, apps and other services, such as digital signing and encrypted email. No passwords, usernames, smart cards or hardware tokens are required.

Benefits of Credential Issuance

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Full Automated Self-Enrollment

Automated enrollment methods direct users to self-register over the air. Once provisioned, you have access to all policy management capabilities.

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Flexible Credential Recovery

Users to re-enroll for credentials with our password reset capabilities or use back up authenticators, such as grid cards or mobile OTPs, to verify the re-issuance request.

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Endless Opportunities

Leverage an existing identity to issue a credential, such as a smart card or an EMV bank card, to bootstrap the credential issuance process.

Identity Portfolio

Our identity portfolio capabilities:

The identity portfolio suited to your authentication needs


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