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Secure, seamless workstation access

Our solutions eliminate the risks of compromised credentials with the power of modern authentication. We leverage advanced authentication methods — like mobile push notifications and highly transparent Bluetooth workstation access — to eliminate reliance on vulnerable passwords and provide a fast and frictionless user experience.

How it works

Authorized users simply approach their workstations and our platforms automatically verify their identities and provide secure single sign-on access to workstations, networks and both cloud and enterprise apps. Other key features — like automatic screen locking when users move away from their workstation — help you create secure, modern work environments.

Unleash the power of workstation login

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State of the Art

The next generation of modern, smart, strong authentication

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Fast, Easy Deployment

Our integrations and workflow make deployment simple.

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Ready to adapt to any change in your security infrastructure, business or employee base.

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Changing threats require highly evolved security that stays two steps ahead.

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One Platform for Everything

One investment for your entire digital roadmap

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Identity Portfolio

Our identity portfolio capabilities:

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