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Eurostar Seamless Travel Rail Pilot (SmartCheck)

Eurostar, a major international rail operator, is revolutionizing travel with Entrust identity verification solutions. Learn how the seamless travel rail pilot will make it easier and more secure for travelers by creating a touchless biometric lane that replaces the need to present an ID or ticket.
Eurostar train track going through open tunnel

The scheme is the biggest of its kind in British history.

Kevin Foster, Minister for Future Borders and Immigration, UK Home Office, referring to the success of the EU Settlement Scheme.

Case Studies

Learn how organizations are shifting to identity verification solutions to help improve security and user experiences.
Entrust Collaborates on Canada Chain of Trust Project
Entrust and Eurostar: Contactless Arrival & UK Exit - Applying Biometrics & Seamless Travel
Entrust selected for EU Settlement Scheme Identity Verification Service
ID Issuance
Entrust ID issuance solutions meet a full range of requirements, from basic photo ID cards for schools to high-assurance credentials for passports.
Digital Signature
Entrust digital signature solutions help establish trusted identities and ensure authenticity for digital documents, emails, code, and mobile devices.

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Entrust Enters Exclusive Discussions to Acquire Onfido