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Featured Use Cases


Why Use an HSM

Cryptography protects your data. HSMs protect your cryptography.

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Transform Citizen Experiences

Enable ease of access to government resources and services, using secure identity credentials.

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Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Protect consumer identities, interactions and data while still providing seamless user experiences.

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Explore Hardware Security Module (HSM) Use Cases

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Time Stamping

Ensure your time stamping products are based on specialized tamper-resistant hardware platforms.

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Credential Management

Deploy a sound credential management system to secure your systems and information.

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Code Signing

Protect your software from tampering and maximize security.

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Database Encryption

Common encryption platform for the widest range of database environments.

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Cloud Security

Trust proven cryptographic solutions that address complex cloud security challenges.

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Digital Signatures

Stop data theft by fake or appropriated authentic signatures with secured digital signing processes.

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Explore Identity and Access Management (IAM) Use Cases

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Consumer Banking

Imagine securing and enabling your entire digital business with a single identity assurance platform.

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Customer Portals

Protect what's important for your customers and partners, while ensuring a better UX, with our identity portfolio.

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Safeguarding Your VPN

We can help you deliver exceptional VPN accessibility and ensure strong security with the Identity as a Service authentication service.

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Privileged User

Keep the privileged credentials of senior leaders or system administrators safe from hackers or malicious insiders.

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Physical Logical Access

Entrust offers the technologies you need to integrate both worlds and elevate enterprise security.

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Security Access Contractors

Our solutions help ensure application security and provide secure access to both on-prem and cloud apps.

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