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Managed PKI

With Entrust Managed PKI Services, our experts take care of your PKI for you and ensure it’s operated to best practices, removing the complexity of PKI.
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Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Entrust IoT Security solutions ensures a Trusted Internet of Things by establishing a securely connected ecosystem.


Platview Technologies Limited

Platview Technologies Ltd provides one stop automated solution for businesses and industries. We help organisations mitigate and reduce their risk profile. Depending on the size and sector of the organization, we have different products and services to meet customer requirements. We provide the optimum and customized solutions/services tailor-made for all organizations.

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Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive authentication achieves balance between strong security and great UX by assessing contextual attributes – such as behavioral biometrics, geolocation, and device reputation – in real-time.
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Credential Issuance

We offer seamless credential provisioning and management with a wide range of issuance methods to reduce costs, increase efficiency and simplify deployment.
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Developer APIs & SDKs

Our built-in APIs and SDKs enable you to integrate frictionless UX and strong, flexible security with the leading MDM, IAM and PKI vendors.
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We support a wide range of authenticators — from hardware tokens to mobile push OTPs — to simplify your transition to high-assurance authentication.
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Managed Microsoft PKI

Entrust Managed Microsoft PKI Service allows you to maintain your current infrastructure with our experts operating your PKI to best practices.
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