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Complying with South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (pdf)

Entrust helps enterprises comply with South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act

Secure web application firewalls (pdf)

Next-generation web application firewalls help enterprises block, detect and prevent attacks, as well as encrypt content to ensure validated connections and protection of sensitive data. Entrust nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) integrate with leading web application firewalls to protect the master key used to encrypt all private keys and passwords, as well as the private keys used for SSL/TLS encryption.

Complying with UIDAI’s Aadhaar Number Regulations (pdf)

How a PKI managed service company uses Entrust hardware security modules to provide on-demand digital certificates to government agencies The Goal: Expand Business By Enabling Strong Authentication For Mobile Devices – Quickly And On Demand As one of the UK's leading authorities on public key infrastructure (PKI) and identity assurance, Trustis has provided on-demand managed PKI and identity services for a wide range of public and private organizations from a high security hosting facility since 1998.

Enhanced tokenization security (pdf)

Tokenization solutions reduce the risk of data exposure while allowing enterprises to keep existing processes in place. nShield HSMs integrate with leading tokenization solutions to enhance data security and compliance.

Secure privileged access management with nShield HSMs (pdf)

Organizations establish privileged accounts for highly trusted individuals that provide unique access and privileges based on their roles and responsibilities. Learn how nShield HSMs work with partner solutions to protect privileged account credentials.
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