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CE870 with Embossing Module

Issue embossed cards anywhere, anytime

The powerful CE870 system issues a variety of card types in a wide range of formats with special characters and multiple languages. Create card programs that align perfectly with emerging consumer demands for personalized on-demand service with self-service kiosk integration.

Key Features

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High-Quality Embossing

Enhance appearance and security of issued cards with up to 150 embossed characters.

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Get EMV Compliance

Add optional EMV®-compliant smart card personalization.

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Visualize Security

Direct-to-card printing for elements like account information and full-color head shots enhance readability.

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Room to Grow

Get additional capacity and flexibility with an optional 6-compartment input hopper.

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Experience Reliability

Our solutions are built upon decades of experience developing desktop and central issuance solutions.

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Kiosk Compatible

Adapt to the fast-rising, self-service economy with a wide range of kiosk integrations.

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Reduce Costs

Minimize card pre-printing, inventory, and mailing costs.

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Improve Metrics

Raise activation rates, card usage, and other revenue-driving metrics with instant issuance.

Tech Specs

Entrust CE870 Instant Issuance System with Embossing Module (formerly the Datacard® CE870™ instant issuance system)


  • 75-character embossing/indenting wheel, financial format per ID-1
  • ISO 7811-3 Front, rear or both sides of the card


  • 60 seconds to encode mag stripe, indent, emboss, and top the card
  • 64 seconds to print monochrome graphics, encode mag stripe, indent, emboss, and top the card
  • 78 seconds to print color graphics, encode mag stripe, indent, emboss, and top the card


  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • ISO 7811, three track high- and low-coercivity

Card Capacity

  • Automatic card feed with 100-card input hopper based on 0.030 in. card thickness
  • Output hopper, 10-card capacity
  • Reject bin, up to 5-card capacity
  • Exception card slot


  • Features Software activated lock to secure card stock, supplies, and reject card hopper
  • SSL/TLS encryption, supports 3DES and AES-128
  • Bolt-down ready
  • KL-style table lock compatible (lock sold separately)
  • Concealed output hopper
  • Password protected cabinet
  • Non-resettable card counter for auditing


  • 2-line LCD display
  • User interface languages available: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese

Physical Dimensions

  • Top module (single hopper system): 8.8 in. W x 21.2 in. D x 8.8 in. H
  • Top module (six-compartment multi-hopper system): 16.5 in. W x 27.5 in. D x 14.5 in. H
  • Bottom module (embosser): 15 in. W x 27.5 in. D x 10.5 in. H


  • Top module (single input hopper, encoding, printing): 12 lbs.
  • Top module (six-compartment multi-hopper, encoding, printing): 33 lbs.
  • Bottom module (indenting, embossing, topping, card output): 40 lbs.


  • Ethernet


  • 36-month system warranty

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