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Remarkable Results

Issuance at a Glance

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Offer simultaneous physical and digital issuance capabilities, whenever and wherever people need them.

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Easily expand our platforms and incorporate new technologies as they become available.

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Issue cards that get used up to 32% more in the first 30 days than those delivered by other methods.

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Instant Issuance Products

Issuance Systems

Card Issuance Software

Instantly issue beautiful and secure debit and credit cards with the enhanced design, management, and efficiency provided by our trusted software solutions.
Sigma DS4 Printer image
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4 Card Printer

The Sigma DS4 works securely with both on-prem and cloud solutions to instantly issues secure, flat financial cards to banks, credit unions, and retailers.
Artista CR825 Card Printer
Issuance Systems

Artista CR825 Card Printer

CR825 high-definition desktop retransfer printer offers instantly-issued financial cards with edge to edge printing and magnetic stripe encoding.
CD820 EMV Card Printer
Issuance Systems

CD820 EMV Card Printer

CD820 credit card printing system instantly issues flat financial cards securely and on demand with versatile direct-to-card printing and encoding options.
Sigma DS4 ES1
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4 Card Printer with Light Curing Module

The Sigma DS4 Instant Issuance System with Light Curing Module works securely with both on-prem and cloud solutions to instantly issue secure, flat financial cards to banks, credit unions, and retailers – now with Durable Graphics Technology.
Sigma DS4 ES1 with Embossing Module
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4-ES1 with Embossing Module

Issue secure, flat or embossed financial cards with a complete instant issuance solution that's made to impress and designed for today’s cloud environments.
CE870 Product Image
Issuance Systems

CE870 EMV Card Printer

CE870 embosser and direct-to-card printer offers instantly-issued bank cards with magnetic stripe encoding, and integrates with self-service kiosk applications.
Sigma DS4 Printer image
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4K Self-Service Printer

The Sigma DS4K Instant Financial Card Issuance system lets your cardholders instantly issue their own secure, flat, or embossed financial cards, with self-service, interactive teller machine (ITM), or kiosk-based cardholder interactions.
Ingenico IPP320 Encoder product image
Issuance Systems

Ingenico IPP320 Pin Pad Entry Device

The Ingenico iPP320 PIN Pad entry device is ideal for PIN entry PIN change, and re-encoding PIN on an EMV chip in the financial instant issuance process.
Sigma Printer
Issuance Systems

Sigma ID Card Printers

Experience Simple, Secure, and Smart ID Card Solutions with Entrust Sigma. Discover the world's most advanced ID card printers, ready to ship.
Issuance Systems

ID Card Printing Software

Issue trust instantly with Entrust's intuitive ID card printing software. Drive secure card design, issuance, and management efficiently.
Sigma DS1 Printer image
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS1 Direct-to-Card Printer

Sigma DS1 easily issues single sided secure ID cards, which gives you the ability to quickly issue the most secure identities in the world.
ds3 printer image
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS3 Direct-to-Card Printer

Unlock seamless ID card issuance with the Entrust Sigma DS3 Printer. It offers speed, HQ results, and efficient and secure ID card production.
Sigma DS1 Printer image
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS2 Direct-to-Card Printer

Experience efficient ID card printing with the Entrust Sigma DS2 printer. Direct-to-card printer offers with inline magnetic stripe and smart card encoding.

Instant Issuance

We enable comprehensive instant issuance portfolios, from physical, digital, self-service, and more. Create a card portfolio that delights cardholders and supports your brand’s vision with the most robust range of card types, design, and deployment on the market.

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Instant Issuance

Financial Cards

Give your customers the freedom to pay anytime, anywhere, any way – with instant card issuance and instant purchasing power.

Entrust’s instant financial card issuance solutions provide convenience and security, offering physical and digital cards, self-service options, and various card printer models. Create a card portfolio that delights cardholders and supports your brand’s vision with a robust range of card types, designs, and deployment on the market.

Realize increased activation rates, more initial card usage, additional transactions, and receive comprehensive support from our experts.

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Get Entrust Instant ID as a Service (IDaaS) Free for 60 Days

Explore the next generation of ID issuance with Entrust Instant ID as a Service.

Instant Issuance

ID Cards

Entrust’s instant ID card issuance solutions offer secure, durable, and eye-catching ID cards for businesses, governments, schools, and more.

Meeting a full range of requirements, from basic photo ID cards to high-assurance credentials that leverage smart cards and other advanced technologies, our ID card printers and software feature flexible integration with identity access control systems.

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Go Further with Flat Card Technology

Exceed your customers’ expectations with colorful, flexible flat cards that convey your brand with a sleek new experience.


What is the Digital Card Solution?

Our solution instantly provisions payment credentials to cardholders’ mobile wallets.

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Virtual Credential Builder

Try our new interactive Virtual Credential Builder tool to create virtual IDs and explore the world of ID card security features and other elements.