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Why self-service instant issuance?

Self-service can drive revenue through card program performance, as it creates a best-in-class customer experience. Providing the next generation of instant issuance – self-service – to your cardholders means they can verify their identities remotely, go to a kiosk or teller machine, and receive a permanent, personalized, and fully activated payment card in minutes.

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From account opening to card replacement

Financial institutions are offering self-service payment card issuance via highly secure, seamless interactive teller machine processes.

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Offer a better cardholder experience

Instant financial issuance from Entrust lets you – or your customers – issue cards at the speed of life.

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Case Study

Vietnamese bank successfully implemented a self-service card issuance service in its entire SmartBank system

The process of digital transformation in the banking industry is happening faster than ever where the customer experience plays an important role in bringing digital channels closer to customers.