The growing digitization and rapid adoption of advanced technologies in the wake of COVID-19 has pushed organizations to quickly modernize their digital infrastructure. What resulted is a cybersecurity nightmare — enterprises have been struggling to manage the security of their assets which now reside on hybrid and multi-cloud environments. These organizations have been further challenged with multiple identity providers protecting different parts of their infrastructure. Cybercriminals, on the other hand continue to benefit from this chaos by identifying new attack vectors to gain unauthorized access and completely disrupt the flow of business.

Organizations looking to mitigate these risks will find hundreds of vendors in the market offering either part of, or a complete set of, IAM (Identity and Access Management) capabilities. IAM has become a heated marketplace estimated to reach $26.74 Bn by 2022. With so many vendors vying for attention, it gets very difficult for customers to identify which solution is best suited for securing their digital infrastructure and user base. This is where analyst studies like SPARK Matrix™ help.

In the 2021 SPARK Matrix™ for User Authentication, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions identified 31 vendors and rated them on technology excellence and customer impact. The study provides a snapshot of the key market participants and a visual representation of their positioning, along with strategic insights on the ranking of participating vendors in relation to their competitors.

The report identifies Entrust as a technology leader in the global user authentication market for 2021. Entrust enables trusted identities for workforces, consumers, and citizens so they can engage securely and seamlessly with organizations of all sizes. Our unified IAM portfolio enables a Zero Trust approach that helps protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other cyberattacks and fraudulent transactions.

Some of the key differentiators where Entrust leads are –

  • High assurance credential-based access management
  • Self-service features including password reset, account unlocking and policy-based authentication management
  • Broad range of authentication techniques
  • Adaptive risk-based authentication with self-learning capabilities and multi-tier functionality
  • Out-of-the-box integration with fraud detection, ID proofing, 3DS, and RASP

Download your report now to see why Entrust was placed in the top-right quadrant of the 2021 SPARK Matrix™ for User Authentication.