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  • EV Multi-Domain SSL

    • Act Now and Save
    • Highest trust for visitors
    • www.example.com & example.com
    • Plus 1 more domain, example2.com
    • Up to 250 domains (additional fees)
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  • Advantage SSL

    • www.example.com & example.com
    • Plus 1 more domain, example2.com
    • Includes organization name in the certificate details
    • Avoid browser error messages
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  • Standard SSL

    • www.example.com & example.com
    • Discloses organization name in the certificate details
    • Avoid browser error messages
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  • UC Multi-Domain SSL

    • www.example.com & example.com
    • Plus 3 more domains
    • Up to 250 domains (additional fees)
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  • Wildcard SSL

    • Unlimited subdomains
    • Unlimited server licensing
    • Up to 250 domains (additional fees)
    • Easily manage name changes
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  • Private SSL

    • Secures internal domain names
    • Unlimited reissues
    • Free support
    • Warranty protection
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  • Certificate Management

    • Centralized platform
    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Best Practices
    • Reporting
    • Auto-Installers, Discovery, and more

Great Value

Choose the Right SSL Certificate for You

SSL certificates are one of the most important components of encrypting your website data and making your Internet transactions secure. That’s why choosing the right SSL Certificate for your business is so vital.

Entrust SSL Certificates are designed to meet a variety of needs, and have additional hard-to-find features such as strong encryption and browser trust. Regardless of how many servers you have, domains you need secured or your server’s type, Entrust has an SSL Certificate for you.

Entrust is recognized as a trusted security brand, and has been for more than a dozen years. We provide layered security solutions that help instill confidence for consumers, enterprise and governments. Now you can leverage that brand to help secure the identities of your own customers.

The Entrust Trustworthy Seal

Trust comes from meeting and beating your customer’s expectations. That’s why you should let your visitors know they are on a secure website with the Entrust Site Seal. Our seal makes it easy to visibly show that you have taken steps to ensure your site transactions are secure. Once you make your Entrust SSL purchase, you gain access to your individualized seal. Once you’ve posted the seal on your website, your visitors will be able to click on it and easily verify your site’s authenticity and certificate status.

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Entrust Site Seal

Which SSL Certificate is Right for You?

SSL Certificates to Fit Every Need

Entrust’s SSL Certificates offer the strongest encryption and the most valuable features to ensure your website is protected and meets the demands of today’s modern websites. We offer:

Entrust Standard SSL Certificate

Entrust Standard SSL certificates secure ecommerce, communications and private information passed from browser to Web server and between servers. Entrust Standard SSL Certificates provide website encryption and identification for www.domain.com and domain.com.

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Entrust Advantage SSL Certificate

Entrust Advantage SSL certificates secure ecommerce, communications and private information passed from browser to Web server and between servers. With more features than Entrust’s Standard certificates, Entrust Advantage SSL Certificates offer greater set-up and deployment flexibility.

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Entrust Extended Validation Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Entrust EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are supported by the most complete validation processes available, including certificate transparency for the Google Chrome browser. These certificates take advantage of the added visual cues in today’s popular browsers, including the green address bar in Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome — a clear indicator to your customers that your website is secure.

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Entrust Wildcard SSL Certificate

Entrust Wildcard SSL Certificates offer a great combination of flexibility and value, allowing system administrators to future-proof the addition sub-domains while streamlining management. Entrust Wildcard SSL Certificates secure an entire domain, and include the option to purchase additional non-related domain names and non-related wildcard domains, with up to 250 total domain names in the certificate.

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Entrust Unified Communications Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Entrust UC Multi-Domain SSL Certificates secure multiple domains, sub-domains or hostnames with a single certificate — saving you time and money when compared to buying individual certs. A total of four domains are included in the base price. Need more? Purchase more domains, sub-domains or hostnames — just $49 each per year.

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Entrust Private SSL Certificate

Entrust Private SSL certificates provide the same key sizes, signing algorithms, validity periods and CA protection as our proven, publicly trusted SSL certificates. Entrust Private SSL Certs are used by organizations wishing to secure non-fully-qualified domain names.

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Certificate Management Services

Entrust’s centralized certificate management hub, is a self-service application designed to provide secure SSL and digital certificates from one of the most recognized brands in online security. Entrust’s certificate management solution helps streamline purchase, deployment, renewal and expiry of digital certificates for multiple web servers and users.

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Certificate Discovery

Entrust’s comprehensive certificate discovery solution enables painless inventory and management of all digital certificates. Our Certificate Discovery solution allows users to perform network SSL scans, search CAPI certificate stores and import certificates directly from any CA—enabling you to manage, monitor and automate all of your certificate processes.

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Cutting Edge Encryption

Your website’s security is our number one priority. That’s why Entrust certificates feature cutting-edge 256-bit encryption – the most secure encryption available – to secure your data. Entrust certificates support SHA-2 algorithms with ECC used in our root certificates, delivering the strongest security and increased performance.

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Why Entrust?

Entrust is more than a security company. We’re your partner — real people you can depend on to provide the security, focus and trust you deserve.

And while we do provide a full range of security solutions for all type of organizations, Entrust Certificate Services personnel have one with one purpose in mind – your protection. Let us help you build a layered, identity-based security approach through our comprehensive portfolio of SSL digital certificates and services.

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Any organization that engages in ecommerce must have an SSL certificate on its Web server to ensure the safety of customer and company information, as well as the security of financial transactions.

Entrust Advantages

  • Security

    Entrust SSL certificates employ cutting-edge technology to provide the security and performance our customers demand and expect. Supporting both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption, our 2048-bit SSL certificates conform to the U.S. Govenment’s highest standards for cryptography, SHA-2 encryption.

  • Service

    Entrust’s product line of solutions to secure digital identities and information are backed with comprehensive service and support. In fact 98.5% of Entrust SSL customers renew each year. All Entrust certificates come with a dedicated relationship manager you can contact directly for assistance with an SSL issue.

  • Education

    Entrust offers an unmatched collection of resources, tools and timely information to help you make sense of the technology, and to make informed decisions for your organization.

  • SSL Subscriptions

    Reduce the time and effort required to manage individual certificates with Entrusts’s cloud-based certificate management service. With Entrust’s flexible subscription options, issue certificates when it works best for your organization.

  • Discovery

    Entrust Certificate Services Discovery locates, inventories and manages an organization’s digital certificates across diverse systems and environments, thereby avoiding compliance infractions, costly outages and losses from data breach.

  • Quickstart Programs

    Entrust QuickStart programs allow organizations of any size to discover, organize, and manage digital certificates in a simple, stress-free manner. Ask about our QuickStart programs that include installation support, one-on-one training with Entrust sales engineers, and end-of-month results and analysis.