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Qualified Seal Certificates for PSD2 compliance

PSD2 QSeal Certificates differ from eIDAS QSeal Certificates: they contain fields specifically related to PSPs (Payment Service Providers) and their usage is only for API/HTTP sealing. 

Our PSD2 QSeal Certificates comply with: 

  • Article 34 of RTS 
  • ETSI TS 119 495

Key Features

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Advanced Sealing Capabilities

Generate Advanced seals as defined by eIDAS. PSD2 does not require Qualified Seals.

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Data Authentication

The seal generated by our PSD2 QSeal Certificate provides evidence that the data submitted originates from your organization.

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Data Integrity

The data sealed by our PSD2 QSeal Certificate is tamper-proof, to ensure non-repudiation.

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PSD2 Compliance

The certificate is specifically designed for PSD2, it contains the relevant fields and key usages as defined by Article 34 of RTS.

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We can provide timestamping services and a recommended source for Qualified Timestamping Services.

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The PSD2 QSeal Certificate can be combined with our PSD2 Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC) to encrypt data in transit and ensure full compliance with PSD2.

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PSD2 QSeal Production Certificates

Term12 - 36 Months
SignatorGroup, Department or Organization
Signature ExampleBilling Group
Marketing DepartmentABC Co
Certificate StoragePEM-encoded certificate file
Number of SignaturesUnlimited

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