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Deliver Secure Government Services with Entrust

Your citizens want secure seamless access to government services. Whether they’re crossing borders, applying for benefits, renewing their driver’s license, or paying taxes, how you enable citizens impacts their engagement and trust in government.

Entrust solutions enable governments to provide secure digital citizen interactions and e-government service delivery, including identity verification, eVisas, seamless travel, and government ID credential issuance.

Secure Citizen Interactions-Experience for Citizen

The Numbers

of citizens interacted with government 2-5 times last year.

of citizens cite long wait times as a top pain point when interacting with government.

SOURCE: Entrust Citizen Pulse Survey

of citizens want to interact with their government digitally today.

Key Features

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Digital Onboarding

Secures and streamlines remote citizen enrollment and onboarding with a digital-first approach.

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Digital Issuance

One citizen identity with support for multiple digital identity form factors.

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Digital Signing and Certification

Collect digital signatures from anyone, anywhere and expedite certification processes while increasing overall productivity.

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Adaptive Risk-Based Authentication

Maintain service delivery integrity and mitigate the risk of fraud by confirming citizen identity with knowledge, possession, and/or biometric factors.

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Mobile Identity

Deliver digital identity, authorization, validation, and digital signatures on citizen mobile devices.

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Digital Service Channels

Improve government-to-citizen (G2C) interactions by offering easy-to-adopt, convenient, and secure digital channels including web portal and mobile app.

Extending the Border with Entrust eVisa as a Service (eVaaS)

The Entrust eVaaS solution is designed specifically for eVisa and electronic travel authorization (eTA) programs.

Key Benefits

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Improve Citizen Experience and Service Delivery

Create best-in-class citizen experiences and increase citizen engagement with digital-first, e-government service enablement and delivery.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation

Easy to deploy, maintain, and scale with a composable environment.

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Protect Citizen Identities and Privacy

Protect the integrity and authenticity of citizen identities and data with cryptographically bound options for citizen enrollment and onboarding, credential issuance, and service delivery.

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Reduce Benefits Fraud

Apply the highest levels of assurance to remote citizen identity verification, benefits enrollment, and delivery to mitigate the risk of fraud.

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Strengthen Borders

Provide border management and control agencies with accurate citizen identity information early to mitigate risk and keep bad actors out.

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Improve Cyber Risk Posture

Employ native cryptographic support embodying end-to-end trust for secure e-government service delivery. Be compliant with NIST guidelines for digital identity proofing and authentication and EU’s eIDAS Regulation.