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Key Benefits

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Personalize Cards with Ease

Print high-quality logos and graphics with vibrant images and photos from our easy-to-use drag-and-drop software.

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Support for Many ID Issuance and Card Types

Our technology supports contact and contactless, magnetic stripe, proximity, and smart cards, as well as Bluetooth®, NFC, 1D/2D bar codes and QR codes for quick scanning, and many other reader types.

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Get Industry-Leading Security, Intelligence, and Durability

Use overt, covert, and forensic security features, including holographic and ghost images, guilloche patterns, and microprinting to increase security, or the Entrust-exclusive tactile impression for tamper and fraud deterrence.

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Use Innovative Software Solutions

Entrust ID Issuance software enables ID design, encoding, and more for multiple ID applications.

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Meet Compliance Requirements with Expert Support

Entrust will help you meet your compliance and reporting requirements, including C-TPAT, GDPR, HIPAA, OSHA, JCAHO, ITAR, SOC 2, FSMA, and GLBA.

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Streamline ID Issuance for Student ID Programs

Enhance your student ID program by streamlining orientation with tablet or mobile-based enrollment stations and support one-card deployments for access to the library, dorms, and more.

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Streamline ID Issuance for Hybrid Workplaces

Streamline access to the workplace with contactless ID issuance and card technology, secure logical access to networks and sensitive data, and track employee time and attendance remotely from one dashboard.

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Streamline the Issuance of Citizen IDs

Protect citizens’ identities with secure ID issuance built on advanced forensic security technology that can secure borders, protect against fraud, and meet government security and durability standards.

Benefits by Role

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Enable seamless, secure access to teams and visitors with an easy-to-implement ID system. Focus scarce resources on more strategic tasks knowing that you’re supported by robust security features, including trusted identity management and more.

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Make internal cardholders happy with an easy-to-use ID system and issuance solution. Reduce friction in day-to-day workflows while maintaining high-security standards.

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Maximize operational efficiency with an intuitive ID issuance process for rapid printing, activation, and verification. Keep your days productive and serve more end users in less time.

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The Numbers

125-800 passport books-per-hour with our range of passport issuance systems.

1,200-4,000 cards-per-hour with our range of central issuance systems.

55-180 dual-sided cards-per-hour with our range of desktop ID card printers.

Key Features

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Durable and Secure

Entrust provides a broad selection of options to make long-lasting and secure IDs. From laser-ablated images for passports to tamper-evident tactile impressions for student ID cards, there's a solution for every issuance use case.

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Simplified Issuance Process

Browser-based Entrust ID Issuance software enables secure ID design, encoding, remote monitoring, management, and more for multiple ID applications from a single dashboard, and connects with any device or networked printer.

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Agile Card Issuance

Whether by moving seamlessly between types and sizes of centrally issued jobs or setting up multiple print sites to eliminate the typical long wait time for ID cards, Entrust's solution can make issuance more efficient, secure, and intelligent.

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Security for the Entire Issuance Process

Entrust's broad portfolio of ID issuance solutions protect both the digital and physical. For ID issuance, this means complete security for the entire issuance process and beyond, with the most durable and secure ID cards in the industry.

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Future-Proof Technology

The platform easily incorporates newly developed technologies. It deploys quickly and easily without on-premises hardware or expertise, scales to support ID card program changes, and integrates with most other identity access control systems.

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World-Class Security

Entrust delivers more secure solutions (TPM, Secure Boot, certificates), and offers the most open software in the market. Encrypt and store data in a private dedicated environment – AES-256 bit in storage and TLS 1.2 in transit.

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Virtual Credential Builder: Create Your Own ID

Explore the world of ID card security features with our free interactive tool that lets you create virtual IDs by adding and removing security features and other elements.

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