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Manage cryptographic keys and secrets with decentralized vaults and a comprehensive compliance management dashboard.

Redefining Cryptographic Key and Secrets Management

  • Unified dashboard for fine-grained visibility of keys and secrets

  • Detailed metrics to identify level of compliance and alert on prohibited key usage

  • Decentralized vault-based architecture

  • Can be deployed on-premise with KeyControl

  • As a Service deployments enabled by KeyControl as a Service

Compliance and risk management, its never been so easy

Are you securing the keys and secrets your organization relies on to protect sensitive data and applications? Does your key management solution give you risk reporting and compliance management at your fingertips? Learn how KeyControl can deliver real business value in your organization, reducing the compliance burden while streamlining your operations.

Entrust KeyControl vaults and use cases

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Controlling your keys means managing your risks

The KeyControl Compliance Manager policy engine provides fine-grained control of your cryptographic keys and secrets, offering full visibility, traceability, compliance tracking, and an immutable audit trail.

This can help make it possible for your organization to stay in compliance with laws and regulations around the world that govern data privacy, security, and sovereignty.

Multiple KeyControl Compliance Managers can easily be configured to isolate regions or organizational locations as needed.

KeyControl Vaults: Your Keys in the right place to help your company be in compliance.

Many traditional monolithic key management solutions offer only a single, centralized repository for storing keys – which for some use cases can be like putting all your eggs in one basket.

The KeyControl platform offers a new distributed vault architecture supporting the creation of fully isolated vaults that can help your organization meet your compliance obligations related to geographical data residency and data sovereignty mandates for cryptographic assets, while reducing attack surfaces and providing flexible arrangements for disaster recovery (DR) and contingency planning.

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Cohesity and Entrust

“In the face of persistent threats of cyberattacks, organizations demand cyber resilience for their data,” said Joseph Razavian, head of Security Alliances, Cohesity. “By running Entrust KeyControl 10 in conjunction with the Cohesity Data Cloud, enterprises not only gain automated and simplified encryption key management but can also better secure, manage and unlock value from their data no matter where their data is for comprehensive cyber threat protection."

Joseph Razavian, Head of Security Alliances, Cohesity