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Protecting Cloud Environments

What is Entrust CloudControl?

CloudControl offers comprehensive security and automated compliance for virtualization, public cloud, and container platforms. It enables enterprises to easily identify, remediate, and report on configuration, compliance, and security issues in one powerful solution.

Leverage CloudControl to increase visibility while decreasing risks that could compromise your cloud security posture.

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Complete Cloud Visibility

Improve Your Cloud Security Posture

Migrating to a multi- or hybrid cloud environment can be challenging. Entrust helps organizations mitigate security risks while maximizing innovation.

  • Visibility: Unify administrative guardrails and establish a baseline to monitor multiple cloud environments.
  • Reporting: Produce audit-quality logs to support incident response and continuous monitoring with low operational overhead.
  • Protection: Safeguard physical and cloud resources with granular role-based access controls.

Enhance Your Cloud Security Posture Today

Don’t let your cloud infrastructure down. Protect it with Entrust’s cloud security solutions, the most complete full-stack portfolio on the market.

Why Entrust?

Benefits of Cloud Security Solutions

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Gain visibility into workloads, security configuration, and context across the entire cloud environment.

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Leverage template-based continuous monitoring, segregation of duties, and a robust audit trail.

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Streamline security policy enforcement with a single interface to manage cross-cloud data security.

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Beyond Data Security

Key Advantages & Capabilities

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Support digital transformation

Enable agility and innovation across leading cloud service providers, including vSphere and Amazon Web Services.

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Lower cost of compliance risks and audit findings

Use built-in templates for regulatory standards to simplify compliance, including PCI, HIPAA, DISA STIG, and NIST 800-53/171.

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Advanced control-plane policies

Create granular role- and asset-based policies. Define and enforce actions using secondary approvals, requiring a second pair of eyes prior to authorization.

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Maximize uptime

Reduce outages caused by operator mistakes while mitigating control-plane compliance risks.

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Trust manifests

Integrate security into DevOps automation with "security as code" to accelerate application innovation.

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Low-cost container security

Implement security controls with no license cost while evolving strategies for container security.

Case Study

How a Global Bank Protects VMware Cloud Environments

A leading financial institution chose Entrust CloudControl to provide automated cloud workload security policy enforcement and compliance across global deployments. With CloudControl, the bank:

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Ensures its virtual workloads are aligned with security best practice.

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Provides robust security configuration hardening to access and remediate compliance risks.

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Automates threat detection and inspection for cloud misconfiguration and policy infractions prior to deployment.

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Have Cloud Security Questions? We Have Answers

Answering your most frequently asked questions about our cloud security solutions.

What is cloud security posture management?

Cloud security posture management (CSPM) is the process of identifying and mitigating risks by automating visibility, compliance monitoring, threat detection, and remediation.

How does Entrust CloudControl work?

CloudControl provides comprehensive data security for distributed, private cloud environments. Its capabilities include role-based controls, secondary approvals, centralized authentication, and automated compliance.

What is a cloud misconfiguration?

Misconfigurations are security issues, gaps, glitches, and errors that could jeopardize your cloud environment and its sensitive data. These include exposed access keys, excessive account permissions, and more.