Identity and access management (IAM) is a framework of security policies and technologies that ensures that the right entities can gain access to the right resources at the right time.

An entity can be a person or a device. Resources include applications, networks, infrastructure, and data. IAM can apply to workforce, consumer, and citizen use cases.

IAM is based on the premise of establishing and maintaining trusted digital identities. With IAM, organizations are able to authenticate and authorize entities to grant secure access to the right resources. As well, trust is maintained over time with adaptive risk-based authentication that provides a step-up challenge when conditions warrant.

Why is IAM important?

We live in a digital-first world. Be it securing the hybrid workforce, preventing fraud. or ensuring the integrity of devices, IAM provides the solutions and tools needed to secure this digital world.

What is Zero Trust?

Based on the philosophy of "never trust, always verify," Zero Trust is an approach to IT security that employs the concept of least privileged access — giving an entity only the necessary permissions required to fulfill their role or function. As well, adaptive risk-based authentication is central to realizing a Zero Trust framework by providing continual contextual awareness of user and device behavior.

What are the different capabilities offered as part of IAM?

There are several IAM providers that either specialize in a specific aspect of the IAM solution spectrum, or provide a full range of services.

The most common IAM services/capabilities are summarized below:

What makes Entrust IAM solutions different?

Protecting the identities of workers, consumers, and citizens is key to preventing uncontrolled access, data breaches, and fraudulent transactions. Entrust Identity is the IAM portfolio that provides the strong foundation you need to realize a Zero Trust framework. As one unified IAM portfolio, Entrust Identity supports an unparalleled number of use cases and deployment options.

Entrust Authentication Suite infographic


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