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UV Curable Printing Technologies: Drop on Demand and Durable Graphics

Industry-leading flat card technologies that stand out from the competition 

Many card portfolios are migrating away from unembossed card personalization. Our next-generation flat card printing technologies seamlessly offer unique, UV-curable printing. These technologies deliver excellent quality, added durability, and extended card life, without the need for an additional topcoat.

Lift your card operation

Unembossed cards are more than a trend – they are an evolution. Give your customers, bureaus, banks, and credit unions a competitive edge in this dynamic landscape with the highest-quality flat card personalization from our advanced MX and Sigma systems.

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Drop on Demand technology

Your clients will be thrilled with the design flexibility and printing accuracy achieved through our high-volume, central issuance Drop on Demand technology. Endless design variables exist with full-color, edge-to-edge, dynamic black & white printing, varnish capability, and UV-fluorescent inks on a variety of card substrates. Paired with a robust, beltless-driven card handling system, Drop on Demand ensures your customers have operational peace of mind with exciting new capabilities and eye-popping designs.

Metal card technology

Go further with flat card and allow your clients to expand their personalization options, including niche substrates like metal cards. Combining flat card technology with the advancing metal card market creates a distinctive and sophisticated financial credential. One system effortlessly handles traditional PVC and metal cards for issuance flexibility.

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Sigma DS4 ES1

Our Durable Graphics technology, proven by tens of millions of cards in circulation, now available with Sigma

Building on the secure, simple, and smart financial issuance platform of Sigma DS4, the Light Curing Module introduces a world of possibilities in flat card personalization thanks to its Durable Graphics Printing technology.

Go Further With Flat

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Inspire your Clients

Inspire your customer to stand out from their competition with the latest flat card technology capabilities.

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Expand your Offering

Entrust offers additional flat card printing options, including: full-card indent, laser engraving, traditional thermal printing, and protective overlays.

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Flat Card Adoption Rate

Most financial institutions are issuing flat debit and/or credit cards.

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Flat Card Adoption Drivers

The top reasons cited for shifting to flat card.

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Flat Card Adoption Outputs

Customers see growth, savings, efficiency and more personalization options.

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Flat Card Future Trends

Almost all financial institutions are either planning to implement or exploring future flat card issuance options.

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Case Study

Improve Flat Card Personalization with Durable Graphics Module

A direct bank and payment services company can now offer cards that look better and have fewer print quality issues while actually cutting their costs.

Card Systems

Datacard MX2100 product image
Issuance Systems

Datacard® MX2100™ Card Issuance System

MX2100 card issuance system is the most affordable high-volume solution offering true field modularity which allows you to integrate new capabilities as needed.
Sigma DS4 ES1
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4 Card Printer with Light Curing Module

The Sigma DS4 Instant Issuance System with Light Curing Module works securely with both on-prem and cloud solutions to instantly issue secure, flat financial cards to banks, credit unions, and retailers – now with Durable Graphics Technology.
Sigma DS4 Printer image
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4 Card Printer

The Sigma DS4 works securely with both on-prem and cloud solutions to instantly issues secure, flat financial cards to banks, credit unions, and retailers.
Sigma DS4 ES1 with Embossing Module
Issuance Systems

Sigma DS4-ES1 with Embossing Module

Issue secure, flat or embossed financial cards with a complete instant issuance solution that's made to impress and designed for today’s cloud environments.
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Connect from Card to Carrier

Flat card technology is a great design tool, but it’s only one of the many options we bring to card marketers. One sure way to elevate your design and differentiate your brand is to leverage unique combinations of the technologies we offer. On-demand color printing capabilities, custom label printing, and card affixing technologies help differentiate your brand and deliver your message on the card, label, and carrier.