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データやワークロードをクラウドに移行する理由はたくさんありますが、セキュリティについてはどうでしょうか? クラウドは新たなリスクをもたらす可能性は無いのでしょうか?

マルチクラウドの導入に伴い、暗号化、暗号鍵の管理、ポリシー管理が必要となっていることが、Forrester社の最新調査レポート Best Practices: Cloud Data Encryptionに記載されています。





Entrust nShield HSMシリーズの詳細と、クラウド展開のセキュリティ基盤および信頼の基点として機能する

nShield as a Service


nShield Connect

ネットワーク全体で拡張可能な暗号鍵サービスを提供する、FIPS 140-2およびコモンクライテリア認定を受けたアプライアンス

nShield Container Option Pack

高保証nShield HSMと統合されたクラウドに、コンテナ化されたアプリケーションを展開

nShield Web Services Option Pack


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鍵とデータの制御を維持しながら クラウドプラットフォームを利用


  • IoTセキュリティ管理に関する主要な特徴を知る
  • IoTの信頼の基点を構築するためのベストプラクティスを探る
  • HSM as a Serviceの詳細と主要なメリットについて知る
  • クラウドのセキュリティリスクを軽減する方法を学ぶ


The Launch of nShield as a Service from Entrust helps Bloombase customers accelerate migration of their data off-premises to the cloud without the expense of running their own computing infrastructure and security hardware, and raises the bar for security assurance with data governance in the cloud."

Sean Xiang, CEO at Bloombase


At Citrix, we are committed to providing companies with simple and efficient tools that enable them to deploy and manage all of their applications in a unified, secure and reliable manner," said Marissa Schmidt, Senior Director, Product Management, Citrix. "nShield HSMs allow our customers to establish a root of trust and facilitate FIPS compliance. And with the addition of nShield as a Service to the Entrust HSM portfolio, they can do it in a more simple and flexible way."


We are excited about the possibilities that the nShield HSM's new cloud-friendly features, including nShield as a Service, offer our customers" said Ed Wood, Director of Product Management at Cryptomathic. "These new features recognize that the market is changing; that organizations need the capabilities of full-service HSMs in the cloud to unleash the innovation and commercial benefits available."

Device Authority

Entrust nShield HSMs' new cloud-friendly capabilities, including nShield as a Service, offer customers the ability to choose how they want to protect underlining cryptographic keys with a subscription-based model that enables them to switch security from a capital to an operational expenditure for greater flexibility and cost effectiveness."

James Penney, Chief Technology Officer at Device Authority


The launch of nShield as a Service gives F5 customers enhanced security choices with the ability to achieve data sovereignty on a subscription-based model. Shifting security from a capital to an operational expenditure enables greater flexibility and cost effectiveness for organizations."

John Morgan, VP & GM of Security at F5 Networks


For organizations adopting a cloud native/cloud first strategy, our combined solution allows for leveraging a consistent root of trust for cryptographic services within multiple cloud services simultaneously. This allows a customer to pick the best options from Google, Amazon, and Azure while at the same time having a cross-cloud solution for orchestration, which in turn has a cloud vendor agnostic root of trust."

Chuck White, Chief Technology Officer at Fornetix


As enterprises increasingly migrate business processes to the cloud, security continues to be a major concern. Ensuring that critical applications and their underpinning cryptographic keys can be protected and managed throughout their lifecycle is vital. The launch of nShield as a Service gives our joint customers greater choice and the ability to have subscription-based data sovereignty."

Rick Robinson, WW Offering Manager, Encryption and Key Management, IBM Security


Data is one of the most abundant and valuable assets for an organization today," said Reiner Kappenberger, Director Product Managment, Voltage Data Security at Micro Focus. “nShield as a Service, through its support of Voltage SecureData's Innovative Stateless Key Management, enables Micro Focus to offer it’s customers continuing relief from the burden of traditional key management in both hybrid and zero data center cloud deployments."

Red Hat

nShield as a Service will offer expanded choice to our customers in how they pursue IT security to better protect the underlying cryptographic keys that help to secure Red Hat Certificate System and Red Hat OpenStack Platform deployments across the hybrid cloud."

Keith Basil, Senior Principal Product Manager at Red Hat


As the leader in machine identity protection, Venafi welcomes the launch of the new nShield as a Service capability," said Kevin Bocek, VP Security Strategy and Threat Intelligence at Venafi. "This is an exciting development that will help fast DevOps and security teams move at cloud speed to secure TLS and code signing keys and certificates."


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