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Protect Patient Data

The digitization of healthcare has many implications for medical and insurance providers. Protecting patient personally identifiable information (PII) and adhering to HIPAA standards requires a progressive understanding of digital identities, data protection and encryption technologies.

Secure your healthcare infrastructure

Get identity, certificate, and data protection solutions that facilitate HIPAA compliance for healthcare and insurance organizations with a strong root of trust.

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Ensure frictionless access to helping patients by enabling seamless, secure access to medical care systems and records with IoT devices and software/ firmware upgrades designed to comply with HIPAA standards.

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Safeguard cryptographic keys with FIPS-validated HSMs that no single individual or entity can subvert.

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Enable healthcare workers

Give authorized healthcare workers secure and frictionless access to patient records and care systems, while also facilitating HIPAA compliance.

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Secure self-service identity verification and passwordless/touchless authentication for seamless access to patient data and care systems.

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Enable one secure login for all healthcare systems using federated identity protocols (SAML, OIDC).

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Utilize high-assurance, certificate-based identities backed by PKI and Identity as a Service.

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Apply valid digital signatures to patient prescriptions, and send securely with encrypted email.

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Secure digital healthcare delivery

The pandemic has redefined healthcare delivery, accelerating digital transformation initiatives from years to months. Entrust can help you navigate this new reality to securely engage with patients remotely and digitally deliver healthcare services.

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The need to digitally onboard patients is on the rise, as is the need to provide secure, remote access to consultations using HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tools, and more.

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Protect patient interactions on their personal devices with device reputation checks.

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Our wide range of authenticators can be embedded into healthcare apps and platforms for secure patient access.

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Facilitate HIPAA Compliance