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2021 Predictions on Digital Identities, Data Protection and Secure Pay...

December 2020 by Tarsha Rice

It’s been a challenging year. Around the world, we’ve reacted to a pandemic, social change and a significant US election….

Entrust Datacard is now Entrust

September 2020 by Todd Wilkinson

Today we announced a new milestone change for our company:  Entrust Datacard is now, simply, Entrust — an evolution of…

2020 Partner Award Winners Represent Global Network of Security and Tr...

July 2020 by Carolyn Newburn

Every year, Entrust Datacard gathers its global partner network to highlight innovation, share learnings, and celebrate customer success. Given the…

Shadow IT: Report Reveals Evolution on Risk and Opportunity

November 2019 by Michelle Morgan-Nelsen

We set out with a research thesis to expose the dangers of Shadow IT. Instead, we discovered that Shadow IT…

Entrust Datacard Consumer Authentication “Leads the Pack” in Kuppi...

November 2019 by Barry McArthur

Entrust Datacard was cited as the Overall Leader in industry analyst firm KuppingerCole’s global 2019 Leadership Compass for Consumer Authentication….

The Upside of Shadow IT Series

October 2019 by Michelle Morgan-Nelsen

If you work in a business, the pressure is always on. You need to work faster, collaborate easily and know…

Entrust Datacard praised as an industry trailblazer in recent cybersec...

September 2019 by Samantha Mabey

ABI Research recently published a report on Smart City Cybersecurity. In it, they covered a wide spectrum of cybersecurity challenges for…

50 Years of Working Together, Globally

September 2019 by Elliot Johnson

This summer, through interactive and global events, we spent time reflecting on the success of our company’s past and visualizing…

Entrust Datacard: Celebrating 50 years of innovation

August 2019 by Todd Wilkinson

Since our earliest days, Entrust Datacard has contributed to an identity and payments ecosystem that enables seamless, secure interactions. Today,…

Security and Machine Learning: Questions to ask Your Vendor, Part II

July 2019 by Sandra Carielli

A couple of months ago, there were reports on Amazon’s failed attempt to build an AI engine that would scan resumes and…

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