Veritran has integrated the Entrust Digital Card Solution into their banking platform, to enable their clients with seamless digital card issuance and a comprehensive digital platform.

Across the globe, financial institutions have one thing in mind: how to offer the most compelling, seamless, and intuitive experience to their users to stay relevant and competitive.

Veritran and Entrust have formed a technology alliance partnership to enable Veritran clients to meet customers’ expectations with a digital-first solution portfolio – from account opening to digital card issuance, digital signing, and authentication. Users will now enjoy seamless and secure payment experiences that provide instant access to debit and credit cards to fit their personal preferences. Veritran is a leading global financial technology solutions provider who serves renowned financial institutions in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

With the integration of these capabilities into Veritran’s ecosystem, financial institutions can now offer their users:

  • Access to account creation with the Entrust Account Opening Solution, enabling digital onboarding of the customer.
  • Instant issuance of a digital payment card through the Entrust Digital Card Solution. This solution will also enable tokenization, push-to-wallet, and mobile app card control access, among other features.
  • Instant financial issuance capabilities to banks for in-branch and at-kiosk instant card issuance.
  • Authentication capabilities through Entrust Identity as a service (IDaaS), delivering a Zero Trust approach to provide user authentication, authorization, and access control to the right resources anytime anywhere.
  • Entrust Digital Signing as a Service, enabling customers to remotely onboard and sign digitally in the Entrust Digital Account Opening workflow. Veritran clients can eliminate manual paper processes with electronic signing and an agreement of Terms and Conditions.

These capabilities will be delivered under the same platform, offering easy integration and maintenance for Veritran clients, as well as scalability for future capabilities. All capabilities delivered by Entrust to the Veritran platform can be fully personalized to the financial institution’s brand standards, for one seamless omnichannel experience.

This partnership enables financial institutions to access a cloud-based, robust, efficient, and seamless digital card solution with a fast time to market, thanks to a highly simplified integration delivered through the Veritran platform. The joint approach takes care of the Apple/Google Pay certification process, keeping the required effort by banks to a minimum.

Learn more about how Entrust powers unified financial issuance for the world’s most trusted banks, credit unions, and fintechs here.

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