The global pandemic had a negative affect on many businesses around the globe. While some are still struggling to make a comeback, one thing is clear – with the rise of sports and online gambling means the commercial casino industry is back and bigger than ever. In fact, the industry set a record in Q3 of 2022, surpassing $15 billion in revenue for the first time. While this is a big win for the industry at large, casinos will need to work that much harder to make a lasting impression and keep their valued guests coming back for more.

Building brand affinity and differentiation for a brick-and-mortar casino can at times seem like an enigma, so it’s really important to consider what guests want. In all things, but especially while in a casino, guests are looking for exciting, elevated and exclusive experiences they can’t get anywhere else. They want to live that high roller life with swagger in their step.

Here are a couple of ideas to elevate your guest experience from start to finish, making you the hero and them feel like a V.I.P.

Minimize wait times, maximize game play

Have you ever arrived at a casino, excited about the possibilities, only to be ushered into a very long check-in line? Its not an ideal experience from the get-go. And from the casino’s perspective, that means less time serving guests and building revenue. If this is the experience your guests are having, its time to uplevel your player card issuance program. With an instant ID card issuance system that can print a bold, impressive player card in just seconds can make all the difference in guest flow.

Give them a flashy status symbol they can have fun with

While you are at it, make each guest feel like a V.I.P by personalizing and elevating the card to status symbol level with bold colors exuding luxury with a high-end metallic look and feel. Who doesn’t want to flash an eye-catching, beautifully designed card at a slot machine or table?

But don’t stop at design. Feeling like a high roller means having access to exclusive perks. Consider integrating your player cards into the casino’s access control system. This enables you to give guests perks like access to private V.I.P. rooms; service priority, and more. What’s more, you could take it a step further and make that card an all access pass − a convenient, cashless option for table play, slot machines, restaurants, vending machines, shops, entertainment and parking.

Streamline operations

Another way to make a lasting impression for guests is to make sure casino staff is fully equipped to surprise and delight them. Find a system that allows you to track player status, spending, event participation visits and rewards. The ability to monitor where guests are in their experience allows staff to add those extra touches of personalized service that really make a lasting impression.

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