Visitor management has always been a challenge for long term care providers, with staff shortages and unpredictable schedules, there isn’t always someone available to check a visitor in. Often times, providers have relied on the honor system or a simple paper log book, a name tag and an intercom for building access − with no reliable mechanism for knowing who was in the building. Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t make these challenges any easier. And, as restrictions are different from region to region, its more important than ever to invest in a safer, more automated solution.

Enter modern-day visitor management systems

By adopting a modern visitor management software solution, long term care providers can get a better understanding of the patients, visitors and staff that are onsite at any given moment – increasing security, providing streamlined visitor entry and exit, and removing complexity for staff.

Here are five ways that adopting a modern visitor management system can improve visitor flow in long term care facilities:

  • Streamlined pre-registration and check-in – Visitor and vendor appointments can be scheduled ahead of time within a visitor management software solution. Prior to a visitor or vendor’s arrival, they can pre-register via email on their mobile devices and receive a custom QR code to present upon arrival for a faster, smoother check-in. What’s more, staff can also ask visitors to fill out a short COVID-19 pre-screen survey before even stepping foot in the facility. All of this means less confusion and time spent at check-in, providing visitors with a welcoming, positive first impression. For walk-in visitors, staff can print a QR code and post it on the entry door, allowing visitors to scan and fill out the registration form prior to gaining entry.
  • COVID-19 pre-screening prior to entering the building – Today, many visitors are asked a series of COVID-19 screening questions by a staff member after entering the building. With a visitor management system, the pre-screen questionnaire can be sent prior to arrival. If the survey is answered in line with COVID-19 safety protocol, they are permitted to enter the facility. If not, they can be flagged and denied entrance. This process brings staff, visitors and residents ease of mind knowing there’s less of a chance of coming into contact with an infected person.
  • Smart ID badge printing technology – Visitor management software enables instant printing of ID badges upon check-in (or pre-printed) either via a kiosk or at the check-in desk. Some systems also offer the flexibility to print various badge types based on the visit type (perhaps to distinguish between a volunteer, family member or vendor, for example), and have the option to include photos on badges for easy visitor identification.
  • Adaptability to changes in processes and procedures – With the ever-changing dynamics of COVID-19, visitor management systems provide the flexibility needed to adapt to visitor policy and procedure changes, eliminating unnecessary confusion for residents, visitors and staff alike when arriving and moving about the facility. Staff can email updated COVID-19 procedures prior to arrival and can easily change pre-screen questions or any other visitor workflow as needed.
  • Data security patients can trust – According to a recent Entrust consumer survey, 79% of respondents said they are at least somewhat concerned about their data privacy, with 64% saying their concern or awareness has increased over the past 12 months. Therefore, it’s important to leverage a solution that stores data in a private, dedicated environment and encrypted at every stage to enable seamless security and privacy at all times.

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