If you find yourself asking what a KeyControl Admin Key is, then go brew another pot of coffee or tea as we have some important things to discuss.

If you understand the importance of your KeyControl Admin Key, continue reading. If you haven’t gotten around to downloading it from the appliance or forget how to do this, you can find the details in the latest version of the KeyControl documentation. Once you download the Admin Key part(s), make sure you store it securely and that you can find it when needed. Support is unable to help you recover if any parts of the Admin Key are lost.

If you are still puzzled about the KeyControl Admin Key’s importance, let’s start with the basics because KeyControl is protecting your sensitive data. The Admin Key protects all of your KeyControl policy information, encryption keys, configuration, and more.  Every user account with Security Admin privileges receives an encrypted Admin Key part. Having all current Admin Key parts is crucial in the event of a KeyControl node entering key recovery or when a restore from backup is necessary. Once KeyControl receives the correct number of Admin Key parts, it can validate the whole Admin Key and perform the requested procedure. Information on Admin Keys and Backups is available in our online help and Knowledge Base.

If you are still reading, are you running the latest version of HyTrust KeyControl (DataControl)? If you are not sure, then jump over to our Customer Portal (https://my.hytrust.com) to learn more. Be sure to log in and check the Upgrade Center for details on how to upgrade using the self-help resources available.

Because we are discussing a few critical items here, how about passwords for secroot or htadmin? You do have those securely stored, too, don’t you?  If not, please ensure that those passwords are stored securely. 

If, by now, you realize that you have more questions than answers and really could use some extra hands over the resources mentioned above, have no fear.  We have the right people to assist! Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information on our HyTrust DataControl HealthCheck Service.

We are here to help you to be successful; let us know how we can help.