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Protect your borders today and tomorrow

Issue and manage highly secure passports, e-passports, and other travel documents with advanced security features that protect from alteration, forgery, and fraud.

Explore a more secure approach to credential issuance

Determining the right level of security on a credential project is a critical responsibility. Explore the world of security features with the Entrust Credential Builder, our easy, no-risk virtual tool. It lets you place different security features on cards and passports in a digital environment, giving you the knowledge necessary to determine what you need for your next citizen credential.

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Advanced, secure identity solutions

Government agencies and systems integrators need maximum efficiency, lower risk, and greater security. That’s why they trust Entrust solutions to personalize identity documents that are secure, effective, and well-respected.

Key Features

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Modular Scalability

True field modularity permits issuers to increase capacity and adopt new technologies.

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Secure Personalization

Entrust Security at Time of Personalization™ (STOP) adds extra security during personalization.

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Lower Cost of Ownership

Our global experience helps us to specifically address your greatest cost challenges.

Passport Issuance Products

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Issuance Systems

Datacard® PB8500™ Passport Issuance System

The Datacard PB8500 Passport Issuance System is today’s most advanced and feature-rich passport personalization platform offering up to 800 BPH rated speed and true field modularity.
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Issuance Systems

Datacard® PB6500™ Compact Passport Issuance System

The Datacard PB6500 Compact passport issuance system is the fastest semi-automated system in its class, providing throughput up to 250 BPH using laser/inkjet/chip or inkjet/secure overlay/chip or a low total cost of ownership.
Issuance Systems

Adaptive Issuance Chip Interface

Adaptive Issuance Chip Interface software allows for the management of personalization smart card applications on a central server.
Issuance Systems

Adaptive Issuance Data Access

Adaptive Issuance Data Access software allows users to execute custom applications to access, audit and act on the production data of a central issuance system.
Issuance Systems

Adaptive Issuance Job Enable

Adaptive Issuance Job Enable software automates daily tasks, efficiently reduce operator intervention and streamline operations in your issuance environment.