On or about July 25, we will release Entrust Cloud 2.1, which contains a number of capabilities designed to make your life easier. The following is a service-by-service summary of the upcoming feature enhancements.


Across all your Entrust Cloud applications, you’ll see that the banner has been updated to be consistent, regardless of which service you are running. The banner now has the feedback tab, support contact info link, unread messages link, quick links and click to chat.

  • Feedback Tab – The feedback tab is consolidated and extended to support all cloud services
  • Click to Chat – The click-to-chat functionality now supports all cloud services
  • Quick Links – The quick links may now be configured to include favorites, and are available in the banner regardless of which service you are running
  • Unread Messages – The unread messages link is now available in the banner regardless of which service you are running
  • Single-Sign-On to “Manage My Account” – A user’s federated Cloud Services identity now provides pre-authenticated access to “Manage My Account” from the Cloud Services link in most cases.


Entrust Cloud SSL, which is the former Entrust Certificate Management Service, will include a number of enhancement with the upcoming release.

Email Notification Improvements

We’ve been diligent in improving the service’s notification system to help you manage your SSL environment in real time.

  • With Additional Emails, Admins may now set up a list of email addresses that will receive expiry and other related email notifications for all certificates.
  • The certificate pickup email will now be sent to Additional Emails (both certificate-specific and account-wide)
  • The revocation email is now also sent to the certificate requester and Additional Emails

Renewal via eForm

Email expiry notices for eForm-requested certificates now include the eForm link. Users may now request renewals and re-issues through the eForm, saving time and administrator headaches.

Certificate Pickup Email

Certificate pickup emails now contain the certificate, including three format options:

  • The P7 certificate bundle as an attached file
  • The P7 certificate bundle as text embedded in the email
  • The link to the original pickup wizard, which also contains the Site Seal and SSL Install Check links.

Serial Number Improvements

The certificate serial number has been added as a column in the Audit Report.

Continued Re-Branding

Additional elements have been updated to reflect the Entrust Cloud SSL branding, including the pickup pages.

eForm Configuration

Advanced certificate settings such as “Extended Key Usage” and Intel AMT can now be disabled from the eForm, making certificate requests simpler for your requestors.

CSRs No Longer Pre-Populated

To improve security, CSRs are no longer pre-populated with previous CSRs by default. Warnings are provided to encourage the use of a new key pair, which is a best practice for SSL certificates.

Device Certificates

Laptop & Desktop Support

Mobile Device Certificates can now be deployed to desktops and laptops as well as smartphones and tablets, enabling you to strongly authenticate most mobile device types for VPN or Wi-Fi access.

UI Changes

Multiple UI changes have been made to improve usability and performance, including a new certificate-listing layout.


No changes in Entrust Cloud Discovery with this release.