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Keep workforce identities secure

High assurance credential-based authentication uses digital certificates to secure workforce identities with either a physical smart card or digital mobile credentials.

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Remove the password

No password, no password hacks. Based on high assurance credential-based authentication, passwordless login combines the power of digital certificates with smartphone biometrics.

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Apply multiple factors

Two or more factors to verify an employee’s identity exponentially decreases your security risk. And smart authenticators like mobile push and passwordless login are also frictionless.

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Realize one set of secure credentials

Multiple login credentials frustrate employees and contribute to poor password hygiene. Single sign-on (SSO) resolves both issues with one secure login. Better yet, go passwordless!

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Be contextual

Only require added authentication when conditions warrant. Adaptive risk-based authentication provides the context you need to allow, block, or challenge access.

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Secure mobile devices

Onboard worker mobile devices including BYODs without compromising security. Choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protection or full mobile device management with EMM integrations.

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Ensure trusted communications

Enable email and file encryption through EMM vendor integrations. Provide employees with authenticated digital signature capabilities for electronic documents.

Secure Workforce Identity Resources

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