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Maximize application security

The CodeSafe software developer toolkit provides the capability to create and execute sensitive applications within the protected perimeter of a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified nShield hardware security module (HSM).

Beyond Security

CodeSafe Benefits

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Security-sensitive Apps Protection

CodeSafe can be used to execute any type of application within the tamper-resistant nShield HSM.

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Attack and Malware Defense

Because sensitive applications execute within the HSM’s secure boundary, they are safeguarded from internal and external threats.


Strong Access Control

CodeSafe creates a strong binding between cryptographic processes and the keys they use.

Entrust nShield Post-Quantum Cryptography SDK

  • Leverages CodeSafe developer toolkit 
  • Use NIST’s quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms identified for standardization within the FIPS Level 3 certified boundary of nShield HSMs 
  • Evolve your organization with emerging PQ standards and align crypto security requirements with organizational post-quantum strategy 
  • Integrate with Entrust’s composite digital certificates to create quantum-resistant, long-life digital certificates
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Tech Specs

CodeSafe encompasses two components: a developer toolkit to compile applications and prepare them to be imported into the HSMs, and a run time environment that protects the application when in use. CodeSafe not only carves out a segregated and protected space for security-sensitive applications to be executed, but it also creates a strong binding between the cryptographic processes and the keys they use. 

nShield HSM Compatibility 

CodeSafe is available with all FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified nShield Solo PCIe and network-attached nShield Connect HSMs. 

Operating System Support 

CodeSafe development supported on Windows and RHEL Operating Systems 

  • Deployment also supported on AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris platforms 

HSM Development Environment 

CodeSafe is compatible with the following programming applications: 

  • C and C++ programming languages for embedded applications 
  • C, C++ and Java on host-server

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