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Machine Identity Protection

What Is Machine Identity Management?

Machine identity management is the process of managing the lifecycle of the credentials used by machines such as devices and workloads. Such devices and workloads must be secured with keys, secrets, and digital certificates as part of a proper machine identity protection strategy.

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Why Entrust?

Key Benefits and Capabilities

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Built on established trust

Entrust provides high-assurance, certificate-based identities to secure the data, connections, and communications associated with all your organization's machines.

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Comprehensive, consolidated control

Entrust offers proper machine identity management, including centralized visibility, control, and management of the endpoints and their supporting infrastructure.

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Scalability at every stage

Entrust's machine identity solutions can scale at every stage of the lifecycle, from manufacturing to operations, to alleviate complexities such as high volumes, machine diversity, and short-life access control credentials.


Certified security

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified nShield hardware security modules can be issued on-premises or as-a-service to keep your cryptographic keys secure.

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Key management

Entrust's systems enable the management of all cryptographic keys, securely and at scale, including control over how often you rotate and share them.

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Entrust Code Signing

This solution allows you to authenticate a software publisher's identity and verify the unaltered integrity of software and other code.

The Numbers

of organizations consider machine identity management to be critical relative to other IT priorities.

different tools and methods, on average, are used by organizations to manage machine identities.

the estimated economic loss from unprotected machine identities ranges from $51-72 billion.

The State of Machine Identity Management White Paper

Download our white paper for a closer look at the International Data Group (IDG) survey results on machine identities and the capabilities that IT leaders are seeking from an identity management solution.

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Protect machine identities from cyber threats

Secure your sensitive data and protect your cryptographic keys with Entrust’s portfolio of cryptographic solutions.