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An essential security piece of qualified signing deployments

Under eIDAS, a QSCD is a secure hardware device approved for the creation of signature and seal data. It is a mandatory element for the generation of qualified electronic signatures, the highest level of signature type recognized by the European Union.

The Entrust nShield Connect XC and Solo XC HSMs are certified against Common Criteria (CC) CEN EN 419 241-5 as QSCD for qualified signatures and seals.

HSM + SAM = future-ready QSCD

While it is currently possible to use a standalone, certified HSM as a QSCD for remote signing, the next eIDAS Implementing Act will introduce a new QSCD standard requiring an HSM and a SAM bundled together.

Entrust has developed a SAM and can provide you with an HSM+SAM bundle today to help you prepare for the future.

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eIDAS digital signing experts at your service

Entrust Professional Services are available to help you evaluate, deploy and transition to a new QSCD, whether you are a Trust Service Provider or an integrator.

Our Professional Services include a compliance readiness assessment to help you achieve a seamless, optimized transition to a new compliant solution.

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Upgrade your signing infrastructure now with the Entrust Signature Activation Module (SAM) and future-proof your remote qualified signature creation devices.
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Enhance security with nShield Connect HSMs - certified, networked appliances providing cryptographic key services across servers and virtual machines.
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Let’s build a solution for you.

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