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Compliance and Participation in Standards Bodies

Entrust is a leader in the development of open Internet security solutions. In parallel to its development of an extensive product line, Entrust has led and continues to lead many standards and interoperability initiatives to enable compatibility with the offerings of our competitors. 

In particular, Entrust is: 

  • Standards compliant. Entrust both actively participates in the standards bodies and fully implements recognized standards. 
  • Vendor interoperable. Entrust actively participates in a number of interoperability initiatives. 
  • Flexible. Entrust supports a flexible, seamless integration into a customer’s current technology architecture.

Standards Compliance and Participation

Web Services Standards

PKI, Encryption, Digital Signature Standards

Interoperability Initiatives

Although standards are an essential element in the ability to develop interoperable products, standards alone are not enough to guarantee multi-vendor interoperability. This is not something that is unique to PKI and enhanced security solutions. Interoperability testing has always been considered an integral part of demonstrating multi-vendor interoperability in almost every technology area.

Entrust has always been strongly committed to multi-vendor interoperability and this is evident through our proven track record of active participation in industry and government sponsored interoperability initiatives, including:

  • the Federal PKI Bridge CA demonstration
  • the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) CA Interoperability pilot
  • the Securities Industry Root CA (SIRCA) proof of concept
  • the Automotive Network Exchange (ANX)
  • the Department of Defense Bridge CA demonstration
  • the Electronic Messaging Association (EMA) Security Challenge
  • PKIX-CMP interoperability testing in association with other vendors and ICSA
  • Identrus
  • PKI Forum

Entrust actively participates directly in the following standards activities/forums:

Within these groups, Entrust often takes a lead role in developing standards that describe secure solutions, and describe techniques facilitating ease of interoperability.